Holiday Tea at the Drake

So today it is December 4th and it was just the most beautiful day.  The weather was so mild for us here in the Midwest.  Bright sunshine and blue sky.  I went downtown with a friend to celebrate the start of the holiday season.  We went to the Drake Hotel and had, “High Tea.”  The restaurant was beautifully decorated with all of the glitter of the holidays.   

The tables had fine china tea settings complete with adorable sparkling sugar cubes. We were immediately welcomed by our wait staff, who gave us a tray with 3 spreads. There a was whipped sweet butter, a raspberry jam and of course a lemon curd.



 We ordered the Afternoon Tea for Two.  The tea started out with your choice of drinks.  I had a mimosa and Beth had a bellini, we also chose what tea we were going to drink.  I had a ginger green tea with notes of orange.  Next our wait staff brought out a 3 tier plate of the most delicious finger sandwiches with crab & lobster, tiny scones & quiches, tea cookies, french macaroons and whipped cream Swan’s aka cream puff’s.   They were so attentive and when we finished off a tier, they came and asked if we wanted  more ??  Yes please, more of everything it was heavenly ❤

After that delightful afternoon we took a cab back to Macy’s on State to look at the windows.  I always use to go look at the windows back in the day.  It was easy then, I worked downtown and I could go on my lunch.  This was the first time I’ve been down there in awhile.  The weather was beautiful and it was so much fun.  A real blast from the past.  Here’s one of the windows, I thought it pretty suitable for me.  Hey you need to not take life so seriously.


So that was our day !!!  It was a so much fun, except for the ride over to the Drake in the Death Cab, OMG.  I really hated that.  I was pretty sure we were going to buy it in the death cab (there’s no other name for it).  He must have been doing 80 mph in the tunnels under the city.  Geez, and this is why I hate, hate, hate taking a cab.  The ride back was not as horrible, thank God.  This is why I tell the husband please come and get us and drive us to the Drake.  Well we know how that worked out, no way no how…Whatever

Well that’s just the start of the season.  It looks like the weather is going to hold out, so stay tuned for my next holiday adventure.  It’s going to be very cool.  I thought I was going to have a hard time making this Christmas as good as last year’s but it’s off to a grrreat start.      

7 Comments on “Holiday Tea at the Drake

  1. Very nice blog!!

    You might want to go to Word Press and name each of your photos instead of the IMG_9999.

    Thanks again for a terrifically fun day! I felt so spoiled!

    Love, Beth

    • It really was. I felt like I was over in England having tea with the Queen. I’m going to do it again, maybe every month or so. A really good mental health activity ❤ Blessings

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