Good Thursday Morning

Well here is a gift of another day.  Yes that’s right, a gift that’s why it’s called the, “Present.”  I’m sure you can see that I didn’t have a great day yesterday, but whatever I just move on.  I try and find the good things that happened yesterday and don’t dwell on the negative.

Yesterday I got a lot of really good cleaning done and that always makes me feel good.  The husband is into the season of Christmas parties that he goes to every year.  He’s a suit, a salesman and gets to go to these amazing parties.  He says the same thing, “I’m getting too old for this,” as he takes his suit off after being gone for 12+ hours.  I just give his a big hug and tell him how much I love and appreciate all of the hard work he does for our family.

It’s kind of nice when I have an evening to myself like I did last night, although I was not in the best state of mind.  The hot mess out in California just made me sad and mad.  We really need to protect ourselves because obviously this government is pretty lame.  I believe we have to protect ourselves and we need to do what is necessary to keep from being someone’s victim.  Oh forget it, I’m going down a road I don’t want to go on this morning.  I’m going to keep it light and Christmas like, holiday cheer…

I love, love, love all things Planner ❤

So I just have to say one more thing about yesterday’s post and then I will move on.  Like I said, I was not feeling great about certain aspects of my life but then I started talking (praying) to God.  He said you should not feel bad about things that you ran into yesterday.  If anything that should just validate your decision, your choice that you made to remove the negative parts of your life.  The people who use and destroy and only feel good when they are hurting you.  They don’t win anything, they still are in there miserable life,with nothing !!!!  Well those weren’t his exact words, but you get the message and He’s right.  So I moved on.

He reminded me of all of my blessings, like my friend Beth who called yesterday to make sure of our date on Friday.  We will be going to, “High Tea,” at the Drake.  How cool is that, and we are going to make are way back to the train window shopping (the windows are so cool at Christmastime in the city).  Then I’m going to a Christmas party this weekend which should be a lot of fun.  Next week is my Christmas Tea, which will be so much fun and let’s not forget the Chit Chat.  Oh and then I have another surprise but I can’t say it because then it won’t be a surprise.  It is really cool though.   The husband asked me what I want for Christmas and I told him either Blackhawk tickets (on the glass, of course) or diamond earrings.  I’m hoping it will be the hockey tickets, he’ll get off cheaper if he goes with the earrings.  He’s also going to get us tickets for The Lion King.  I just love to go to the theater !!!!  I’ve heard that is amazing ❤  He really spoils me and I love it and I love him !!!!

I’m going to bake something with blueberries and my Blueberry Thumbprint jam cookies.  Baking is great therapy ❤

I have to say I really love this blog thing.  Writing really puts me in a great place.  I try to stay positive, but like I’ve said before that’s just not real.   Sometimes you just have to have a “Dump Day.”  So I guess that was yesterday and now I have a new day where I’m feeling better about things.

The guys made it out to Norfolk safely to start performing the “Nutcracker.”   I’m not worried about them this trip.  Connor told me he thinks they are pretty safe and then he showed me what was right outside his balcony window.  A huge naval destroyer, no I don’t think any of those punk terrorist would come around here.  They just go to places where innocence lives, cowards !!!!


Well that’s all for today my fellow blogger’s.  I love that I have 87 follower’s.  Thanks for reading.  Blessings ❤  Oh and the Blackhawks are on tonight.  Hopefully Connor will be done practicing for the day and we can FaceTime the game together.  That is just a blast to watch the game together even though we are miles apart !!  Let’s right the ship tonight.  There are signs of greatness with this team, last year’s Stanley Cup Champions, but then you do see some fatigue.  But I still love my Blackhawk’s !!!  Let’s get a win tonight ❤


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