I’ll never give up, never

I’m just going to keep praying and I have faith.  God is in control of everything !!!  He always was and always will be.  The story is not over and neither is anyone else’s.   He blesses us with a new day, 24 hours that you can do what you want to do with.

You can waste it or you can put it to good use.  Do no harm.  I always find it a bit amusing when someone gets off by some technicality for a crime  he has committed he then thinks he’s outsmarted the system.  Well he won’t outsmart one system, ah that would be God’s system.  Our time on this earth is finite and there is one person you will answer to for that crime in the end.  No one gets out of anything.

Our time on earth is very short compared to the infinity of everlasting life in heaven.  You don’t get into heaven, I’m pretty sure if you have baggage.    Baggage where you did harm and hurt people, especially the ones who loved you and gave you everything in life including life.  Home, family, education, religion and a faith in God.  Hopefully taught you right from wrong, the truth from a lie.  But unfortunately you can give it you all got, and the devil gets you and your choices.  Unfortunately everyone has free will, I think God gave you that.

In our attempt to believe in the goodness of man we forget about the evil that is also present in the world.  Unfortunately we are reminded almost daily of that evil.  But as sure as I am about God’s love for us and forgiving our mistakes, I’m also sure there is a hell.  The devil does not sit down there all by himself and if you think he does well then that is your misfortune.  I do believe you will answer for how you have hurt people.  Just look at the 10 Commandments, and ask yourself how many do I follow.  He gave them to us so we could live our lives as He wants us too.  I’m really not preaching because I don’t think I’m perfect.  I just know that I never hurt people intentionally by my selfish actions.  Do no harm.  I always did what was best for the people I loved.  I pray for those who have taken a different path in life, a path that has hurt so many.  A path that was filled with selfishness and just downright evil.  You can see evil in people’s eyes, at least I can.  I stay away from that type of person because they just want to destroy.   They are driven by hate and I know that all I can do for them is pray.  I also hope that by some miracle, it will all work out in the end.  I do know one thing that I can change no one but myself and what I do.

I love myself too much to allow people in my life that are going to use me and take advantage of my love.  You don’t let the wolf in the house.  You don’t let the guy in with the knife so he can stab you in the back.  You surround yourself only with those who love you and want the best for your life.  Who respect you and support you and what you do.  That’s how you have good life.  You have to do what’s right or you will never find the love and happiness you so desperately have been searching for.  No you’ll never find it.

People who are filled with hate, will never find happiness.  People who hurt other’s especially the ones who have done so much for you.  You will always hate yourself and you will never know how to love.  You will reap what you sow.  What goes around will come around.  Sometimes life can be very, very long.  Days can be very, very hard to get through.

Well this has gone on for a very long time.  I know of a few who have done the most awful things to the man that I love.  The man that took such good care of them.  They will pay for there actions.  No one lives forever and the day will come and none of us know when that day will be that we will be gone and then you will pay for what you have done.  All I can say is shame on you both for what you have done.  But I will continue to pray for this situation and pray to God to get you back home and away from the devil who has had you for a long time.  You should try and pray for yourself because time is short.

Yes I hope the lights will guide you home, but I won’t fix you. You’ll have to do that yourself. I did my job, you didn’t…You bailed and ran away. You will have to live with that.

Yes I’m sad, and I’m not afraid to say that.  I know this will not change anything, especially the evil that is within.  But I also know with God all things are possible.  So I will hold onto that blessing and of course there is my wonderful husband.  As long as we can still laugh, hug, kiss it’s all good.  Because he is my family and so are Matthew and Connor.  They are the real deal and we will be together forever because they know how to do what’s hard.  They don’t hurt people that love them and gave them everything they had.   It’s called family ❤


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