Thanksgiving, 2015

Well this one is in the books and it was wonderful !!  No stress, no drama, just Thanksgiving as it is suppose to be.  Quiet and spent with the ones you love ❤  Being thankful for all you have.

I just have one memory I would love to share with you.  Our youngest son, Connor could not be home with us this year.  He had to spend it out in Virginia where he works.  He didn’t spend it alone, he had his brother Matt to spend the holiday with and his, “Company Family.”  They both dance on Richmond Ballet and it’s time for the, “Nut,” i.e. “The Nutcracker Ballet.” ❤  It would’ve been too rushed.  They would’ve had to fly home on Wednesday and fly back on Friday.  Really not worth it considering they will be home for Christmas, Y E A H,  in a few weeks.  They did that last year and they both ended up really sick for the 1st couple of weeks of December.  The Ballet Master was not too happy I guess because come on people, we have to practice the Nutcracker for the billionth time, helloooo ❤  Just kidding, but it was stressful and never good when you come down with the flu right at the start of Nutcracker practice  !!!  One year Matthew got shingles when he was dancing the Nutcracker, and he was only in high school.  It is a lot of hard work and you really need to take care of yourself so as not to get run down and sick, ugh !!!  So I reminded him of last year when he said he wanted to come home for Thanksgiving.  Nuf said, mother always knows best …  🙂 10293825_10152997022125353_2476421549158920863_o 11918943_10153676202736030_3616481176791147351_o IMG_1607 IMG_1606

Well the whole IMG_1687company was kind of stuck there, so they do what they always do.  They celebrated the holiday with their company family.  It think that’s kind of cool that they have a bond like that.  So well back to what I was talking about.  Connor called me up early last week and wanted the recipe for my pumpkin dessert because he was going to make that and take it to the Thanksgiving dinner.  I thought that was just great.  He was going to share some of our Thanksgiving with his company family.   It is a pretty easy recipe so I knew he could do it.  I told him to call me when he gets to the grocery store and I’ll tell him what to buy.

First thing go to the baking aisle.  Get graham cracker crumbs, enough to make a crust for a 12 x 9 baking pan.  Well they were sold out of graham cracker crumbs and it was only Monday, so he went over and bought graham crackers and I told him he’ll just have to smash up the crackers himself.  It did have a recipe for a graham cracker crust on the box so that was fine.  Next I told him to get a box of I N S T A N T vanilla pudding not cook & serve.  They aren’t the same thing.

He was going to make the crust first and call me Wednesday night for the rest of the layers and we would face time and make it together.   I love, love, love this technology thing.  You get to do the next best thing when you can’t be with those that you love.  Anyways back to the pumpkin dessert.

So he made the 1st layer of cream cheese and cool whip and put it on top of the crust.  Then we started the 2nd layer.  That was the pudding and the pumpkin.  He started with the pudding and the spices, mixing the dry together first.  Then I told him to add cold milk to the dry pudding and spice mixture.  I told him it should set up fairly quickly and he could then fold in the pumpkin.  Well it didn’t set up at all and when he showed me the consistency I said, “Let me see the pudding box.”  He showed me and sure enough it was COOK & SERVE.  Connor I said, “INSTANT PUDDING.”  Well he was off to the store.  Good luck with trying to find Instant Vanilla Pudding on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving at 10:30 pm.  Well he did and when he got back we finished up the dessert.  Any of us who have cooked for a lifetime has that t-shirt hanging in their cooking closet and now Connor so do you.  Only one of many more to come I’m sure.

It made me feel very happy to see one of my kids carrying on the family torch.  I was very proud and happy he shared that with his company family.  I really love ya, Connie ❤  Here’s a pic of them at their celebration.  What a good looking company family.  I even got a shout out on FB.  Hey that is a big compliment ❤  Thank you, Richmond Ballet.  You guys look great ❤


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