The 1st Sunday of Advent

Today me and the husband went to church.  We are both Roman Catholics, born and raised.  I love my religion and I am eternally grateful for being christened a Catholic.  My mother gave me a strong foundation in the Catholic religion.  I also had the privilege of my grandmother’s faith as she too was a very strong Catholic.  I am from a large Irish/Italian family and there are too many memories to ever try to share them all in this one blog.  But they are good memories and I am thankful for being a part of it all.

My family, on the other hand (i.e. the ‘Adult’ kids) have been experiencing growing pains for awhile now.  Not everyone, just a few and I’m sure we can all relate to this because if you are part of family it’s just going to happen.  I just let it go a long time ago.  It’s not in my hand’s anymore and it hasn’t been for a long, long time.  I just offer it up and try to move on and live my life not only for the sake of my marriage, but for the other kids who have been affected by this too.  Unfortunately everyone is affected by the actions of a few and me as the mom have to be strong for everyone.  I keep our family going and I’ll tell you it is challenging sometime, but I am up to it.  I have come too far in my life, and gone through too much to give up now.  No way, no how.

The two things that have gotten me this far are really very simple.  They are God and gratitude.  People think when things go wrong, “Why did God let this happen??”  Not me, because I know he had nothing to do with the estrangements that has caused so much pain to my family, ah no that would be the devil.  Because the devil is stronger when he divides people with hate and lies.  He thinks he has won because of the separations that he has created.   He has destroyed the family.  Well not really, because the story is not over.  I know it’s not over, and that God is really in charge.  God would never be behind this kind of pain and hurt.  I truly believe that with all my heart.  So that is how I get through another day, with God walking beside me.  He sends the Angel’s to help me with my day to day chores.  He gives me the gift of the Holy Spirit when my faith gets shaky.

Then there is gratitude.  I really am grateful for all of my blessings.  I can’t really count them there are just too many.  One of them for today is the start of the Advent Season.  It is getting ready to celebrate the birth of Christ.  Christmas   I went to church today with the husband, like I said at the beginning of this post.  It felt so good to go back to church with my husband, singing and holding hands and praying.  We are strong, we are family and I know the devil will never separate us.   So really he doesn’t win here.  I just tell him to get in back of me, where he belongs.  There is no place for him in our family or no place for him in our life.  God is watching over us, from a distance… ❤


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and don’t stress too much about Christmas because remember, “Jesus is the reason, for the season.”  Blessings ❤

Oh and FYI today they had a display at church, “The Shroud of Turin.”  That is the cloth that Jesus was buried in, very fascinating.  So it was a really good Sunday.




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