Hello Winter, Snowy Saturday

Well it’s here, and it’s too late to leave, move whatever.  Another Midwestern winter is upon us.  I guess because it was such a nice Fall for so long I thought maybe Old Man Winter might just give a pass this year…Not   Well this coming week is Thanksgiving so I guess it’s time for the snow and cold.  I/we still have to get our flu shot and then we should be set for the long cold months ahead.  I’m lucky, I don’t have to go out in it like the husband does.  He’s a real trooper though, tough as nails when it comes to work.  Nothing stops him !!!  I’m so lucky to have him, I love you husband ❤

Hockey has started and by that I mean  my Chicago Blackhawk’s have been playing since October.  They are looking pretty good too.  Like the Stanley Cup Champions they are.  I bet they will repeat, at least I hope so.  The husband has awesome seats this year and I hope I will be his favorite customer.  This was the 1st game we went too, and they won.  His seats are right in front of, “The Golden Jet, i.e. Bobby Hull.”  He was such a lovely man.  I got a picture with him and he was so nice about it.  He’s always there as their Ambassador and our seats are right in front of him !!!  Hockey makes me so happy, I know that sounds kind of dorkey, but  hey anything that makes me happy is always a good thing.

I have all the Christmas decorations up, still have to finish the Dining Room table.  I bought all new accent pillows this year and it really made a difference.  I got a new tree too, because the old one was just old and it needed to go.  I have been working in the kitchen and re-inventing and re-stocking all my supplies.  It is the best to just have the time to do what I want to do now.  I absolutely love, love, love it.  Very few interruptions and I like it that way.  Here’s a few pictures.  I’ll put some more up when I’m all done ❤


The house is just about finished.  I got all the windows washed and new hardware on them.  They were old and needed to be replaced.  I open all the windows i.e. the blinds and drapes now every morning.  It has made a huge difference in my attitude for the day.  Let the sun shine in people, it feels really good.  The bathrooms still need painting, and Chuck will be coming over to do that this week.  Then everything is done !!!  B O O M

I am going downtown to have tea with a friend at the Drake which I am super excited about.  I am getting my hair done the same week.  Then really I’ll probably do all of my shopping online because it is just so much easier than fighting the crowds.  Menus, baking, and cooking will probably take up the rest of the time and then before you know it the guys will be home.  They are busy with “Nutcracker.”  It is a lot of work putting that show on.  They are learning every part as they do every year, but I’ll let you know what they are cast as and hopefully I will get some pictures.  I’m not going to be able to get to any of the performances this year so that’s kind of sad.  But they will be home for Christmas so that’s great.

I’m sorry I just had to put these up Connor.  This was back in the day, (100 years ago when he was the prince and a dancing boy.  Yeah we’ve been doing Nutcracker foreverrrrrr…He was so cute though, love ya Connie ❤


Here is our other dancer, I just love this picture of him.


So here’s last year’s Nutcracker.  He was the Snow Prince and The Dancing Bear.  Connor was a Russian, while he was right next to Matt as the Dancing Bear.  Then there are all my guys outside the theater after the show ❤  Love those guys !!!

Then my fav of all time, “New Year’s.”  I am going to be working a lot on my planner.  I’m going to start posting all that I’m learning and doing with that.  I am hopefully going to get the husband’s blog up, Elan Creations, for his artwork and start selling it.  It takes time, but I want to do it right so that it is successful.  He is already selling at Amazon Homemade.   Here is the link for that if you are interested in any of the paintings.  He has a Santa that we have framed and is hanging in the house, but we can get it turned into Christmas Cards or stationery of any kind.  Really you should go check it out:


I hope you are having a great weekend.  Go check out the artwork at Amazon Homemade 😉   Blessings ❤




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