It’s a new day, it’s a great day

This one’s for you, you know who I mean.  I just love these guys and I’m probably going to be using them a lot in my blog’s because I love them.  The talent is just off the charts.  Enjoy while you read.  Blessings ❤

Well it looks like wordpress has changed it’s format so that kind of through me for a loop, but I will just adjust.  Change is inevitable and so I think I will see how it works for me.

Well this is a record.  I have got all my Christmas decorations up and it’s not even Thanksgiving.  It is such a relief though not to have to worry about that.  Now all I have to think about is the Christmas shopping, mailing the Christmas cards, wrapping the presents and mailing those, menus and reservations, grocery shopping, cooking and baking, oh and one more thing this year I’m going to try a gingerbread house.

The guys are going to be coming home for Christmas this year.  Usually they can’t because of some scheduling thing with the, “Nutcracker” but this year that closes on the 23rd of December !!!  Woo Hoo ❤  So I will be cooking which is a good thing.

I still have to set the Dining Room table, but that is pretty easy and one of my favorite things to decorate.  Those lights that I have on the mantle are the, “BOMB !!”  I got them from Pier One and they are battery operated and have this teeny, tiny remote control.  It says, “ON/OFF” and that’s how you operate it.  I think even the husband can handle it.  They light up the faux candles, i.e. LED candles and even the Christmas Tree candles.

Thanksgiving is going to be easy and restful.  Good food, friends and lots of movie watching ❤   I have a couple of new recipes I am going to try and I’m going to use my new kitchen aid to bake some bread.  I love how the bread makes the house smell.  Reminds me of my grandmama.  It doesn’t get any better than that, and we have a new kitten.  You’ll probably be seeing a lot of pictures of him.  He was up with us last night and he was into everything.  The husband just loves him.  He says he thinks he’s a little tweety bird.  He is so vocal and his mew’s are just the sweetest thing.

Well that’s a wrap for now.  Staying in all day, it’s just that kind of day.  I did get my new car fixed.  It looks beautiful again ❤  Blessings to everyone.

The Mantle - Lit up
The Mantle – Lit up
Louie ❤
Louie ❤
Husband’s new friend ❤
The Mantle during the day
The Christmas Tree
The Dining Room




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