Good Sunday Evening

So it was an absolutely beautiful day today in more ways than one.  The weather was just perfect.  Bright blue skies, warm temperatures with 100 percent sunshine.  If only every day could be like today was, winter would be okay, but I guess then it would not be winter.  I’m just about finished with the house, this week I should be done with all of the improvements.  It looks really good and it is a very comfortable place to be.   I am looking forward to the winter and just hibernating for a few months.  I must remind myself to come back and read this blog post when we are up to our butt’s in snow with sub-zero windchills 😉

Well today me and the husband went and got a kitten.  We just decided we wanted another cat.  Our Mr. Jinx is no longer with us and it has been very lonely down in the basement.  It’s a really long story, the story of Jinx and I will try to tell it one day.  I’m sure I will but I am just not ready to talk about it.  He was our ding, dong, dash cat.  Enough said ❤  But now we have a new kitty.  His name for now is Mr. Whisper.

He already has a story.  We decided we wanted a cat and we had already seen her.  She was a 2 year old cat that had been living at our vets.  Well we went to adopt her today at a PetSmart.  When we got to the store, we were told that she wasn’t there.  Then we saw an adorable little male kitten and I said, “I want him!!”  So we got him and we brought him home.  Yes we did and now my basement is no longer a sad place I didn’t want to be in.  I have a little friend down there. We haven’t introduced him to the dogs yet, but I’m not worried.  I can tell they know something is down there. The guys saw him and they fell in love with him just like I/we did.

He found us, just like I always said.  We will know when to get a cat, when he finds us, and he did.  So for now he is Mr. Whisker’s.  I thought maybe Crow but he didn’t seem like a Crow.  It was just the right time for a new cat ❤  He is the cutest, Mr. Whisker’s…

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