Day 8 Writing 101 – Reinvent the Letter Format

Dear Patti, (In 5 years)

Well you are looking well and time has healed wounds or like the husband says it has wounded the heals.  I have enjoyed being at home and reinventing myself.  I now can finally call myself a writer.  I am no longer afraid to put out my thought’s for the world to read.  I have finally found the confidence that has been hiding for so long.  It’s funny because when I found it I realized it was never hiding, I just didn’t see it.

It was in that room that you just don’t go in because you are afraid of what is behind the door.  That’s the room with the closet full of my tee shirts.  Well I finally went in that room and looked at my collection that I have accumulated over the years.  Yes I have had many battles.  Some I have won, some I have lost and some of the battles I just let go of.  Life I have learned is too short to be anything but happy.  We are responsible for our own happiness.  I choose to be that ❤

But I never gave up or gave in and for that reason I am very proud of who I have become.  I didn’t cave, no selling out for this lady.  Fate whispers to the warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm!!”  And the warrior whisper’s back, “I am the storm.”  I chose to withstand the storm because as my wise old Italian grandmama use to say, “This too shall pass.”  She gave me a lot of advice to carry with me on my journey and she was usually spot on.

I really love the person I have become and I thank God for all of the challenges he has put in front of me.  It has kept me close to him for my entire life.  Believing in something bigger than myself was always a good thing.  I had a purpose and a reason to wake up everyday.

My husband is an amazing artist, (not his day job, we like to eat and live indoors).  I sometimes would get very jealous of all of his beautiful paintings.  When I look at all of his artwork and how great it is, I realize it will be here even when he is not.  He will leave a part of himself, something that people will be able to see and touch with his signature and that says he was here.

That is why I am writing now.  When I was a young girl in school, I read “The Diary of Anne Frank”.  Her book left such and impression on me.  She was so insightful at such a young age.  I couldn’t help but wonder, “Just think when she was writing this diary she had no idea that it would be published worldwide.”  Her life was so tragic, but it all happened for a reason bigger than anyone could imagine.  From that moment on I started writing.  Not continually, more of a gradual evolution.  I realized writing would always be a passion of mine engraved on my soul.

I went to a book signing one summer and the question I asked the author D. Randall Blythe was, “How did you become a writer?  Did you go to college or something else?”  He replied, “I just sat down and wrote.”  I believed him when he said that.  Just sit down and write.  So there were no more excuses, no more fear.  I finally got over it and started writing.  I became a writer that day.

My life was all about legacy.  It was not about today or even tomorrow, it was really about yesterday.  The past told a lot about me.  It shaped who I was today and what I will do tomorrow.  I wanted to do better today than I did yesterday.  I wanted to leave something that says I was here and left this world a little better.  I know I did.  Blessings ❤

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