Day 6 – The Space where I Write

Okay it’s Happy Sunday.  The weather is absolutely beautiful.  It’s kind of a shame to be inside writing because we won’t get many more of these days, winter is coming.  I have the most beautiful writing room.  It is warm and it has an amazing desk in it.  I also have a really cool tranquility poster that is suppose to bring peace to the room.  I think it must because I just feel like everything is right with the world when I am in there.

I use my laptop to write and I really love it because it is so easy to get the words down and out of my head.  It’s also portable and I can go in any room I want to write.  But  I also love, love, love to actually write.  I have so many pens and paper and journal’s oh my.  I always talk about needing an, “Intervention !!”  I am totally addicted to anything writing.  Pens, papers, journals, sticky notes, yadayadayada…

The room I usually write in is the great room when I am using my laptop aka the family room.  I call it a great room because I’m in it and I’m great…B O O M !!!   There is an energy in that room that just helps me write.  My dogs are usually in there sleeping beside me.  I have a the fireplace going if it’s the winter.  I just like it because it has all of my favorite stuff around me.

If I am journaling, it is in, “MY ROOM.”  That is where I keep all of my special journal’s.  I have a 5 year weather journal which I record the weather every day.  I love the weather !!!  It’s fun to compare different years.  I also have a, “Journal 10+”  That is a journal that has like 4/5 lines for each day to write down a memory.  So it’s not too intimidating, just a quick note.  I have a gratitude journal that I write in when life gets me down.  That is one of my very happiest of places.  You must always count your blessing.  If you do that, it can get you through anything.  So I really love my rooms and my writing spaces.  Sometimes I think I could stay in and never go outside.

Really, I have a desk in every room except for the dining room.  I love my space, and my quote that guides me through life, “Write it Down, Make it Happen !!”  Yes I love to write.  Blessings Bloggers ❤

I will post some of the spaces I write so you can see them.

Guest Bedroom/Writing Room
Guest Bedroom/Writing Room
My working desk i.e. a Hot Mess !!!
My working desk

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