Writing 101 – Day 5

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

Without music, my life would not exist.  I sing.  I don’t sing professionally, I don’t sing in a choir in fact I don’t think I ever sing in a public setting.  My family however has always said, “I have a song for every occasion !!”  I really do, I love to sing.  I sing while I do everything.  I sing when I’m cleaning, I sing when I’m driving, I sing when I’m walking.  I have my mother to thank for that.  My mom has a beautiful voice and is amazing with anything that comes to music.  She played the piano (self taught).  She played the french horn in the school’s band.  She was also the majorette in the marching band.

Growing up I remember waking up to the opera ( I really hated the opera, I have to say.)  Classical music was always blasting in our home.  I didn’t care much for it then, but now I really know how to appreciate it when I listen.  I always hear the french horns.  She also woke us up singing a song.  It was just a song she made up at the moment, but singing was what she did.  She wasn’t a professional singer either, she’s actually a retired RN.

I really don’t think life would be worth living without music, singing, songs.  Everyone of my kids were in the choir at school.  They all know how to play the piano.   The two youngest are now professional ballet dancer’s and their musicality is quite good.  Musicality is very important in a dancer’s world.  Really if you don’t have it, then you probably won’t be a dancer at least professionally.  Musicality is being able to dance with the music, spot on.  You know starting right when the music starts and stopping       when the music stops.  That is a really simple definition of musicality and that definition is even open to interpretation ❤  You could always go look it up…

At night when I am going to sleep, I always put on what I call my sleep music.  This is a wonderful way I fall asleep.  The music is specifically for falling asleep.  It gets rid of all of the noise, and distractions of the day.  I sing when I’m mad and it’s usually a pretty loud song.  Songs make me laugh and remember good times.  Me and the husband sing songs together and we each know our part.  Sometimes it’s very romantic and we both get that sparkle in our eyes and we just keep singing.  When we went on our road trip to Maine last month, we pretty much just sang the whole way there and back.  We also have our favorite’s.  His I’m pretty sure is something by Elvis.  I have so many songs, well they are all my favorites ❤

This is one that we love to sing to (as long as we are by ourselves, ssshhh don’t tell anyone and I don’t think any of our kids read this blog).  I know it’s  a pretty long video, but it’s fun to sing.  My husband is so much better looking than Meatloaf and I definitely am not as cute as that little thing, but we have fun.

Well here’s another quote that pretty much sums it all up for me when it comes to music…

Without a song, a day would never end.  Without a song, a man ain’t got a friend.  Without a song the road would never bend.  Without a song.  So I keep singing, a song ❤

7 Comments on “Writing 101 – Day 5

  1. I love that song “singing a song…” that you quoted. In fact I sang along, in my impossibly horrible voice (which did draw a couple of cats who like my singing)…I can’t think of the artist. Like your site, too, the red background is nice, and the photos are super. 🙂

  2. Just wanted to say that I love what you said in your bio – “Just because I laugh a lot doesn’t mean my life is easy. Just because I have a smile on my face everyday, doesn’t mean that something is not bothering me. I just choose to move on and not dwell on all the negatives in my life, because we all have them.” – couldn’t agree more. Keep on singing on 🙂

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