The Things I Love List – Writing 101

So here is my writing assignment for the day.  It is to compile a list, a list of anything.  So I am going to write a list of what I love.  I thought about a list of things I like, but I am more passionate than that.  Writing a list of what I love seems more like me.  I am not going to give it any number like my top 10, I’m just going to stop when I can’t think of anything else that I love.  I kind of want to see how many things I love, love, love ❤  Here we go and this is a random order meaning 1 doesn’t mean that’s the highest in my love, love, love list.  You get it, blessings ❤

  1. A brand new day with endless possibilities.  I love, love, love waking up.
  2. My first cup of coffee
  3. Rainy Saturday’s, sleeping in
  4. Cleaning the house, a clean house, getting the house cleaned
  5. The Chicago Blackhawks and Hockey anything
  6. Being a wife, mother and a homemaker
  7. Yellow Roses
  8. My planner and decorating it
  9. Babies
  10. Animals, Dogs, Cats, really any kind of animals
  11. Baking bread from scratch, cinnamon rolls, cookies, pies
  12. Making Spaghetti Sauce, Soup, Chili, Cooking
  13. Reading in my bedroom and falling asleep, taking a power nap
  14. My Husband, his artwork, his studio, watching him do anything.  I just love looking at him, his eyes and his hands with paint all over them.  His feet that are really quite pretty considering how many miles they have carried him (and all the running he has done).  I am just so deeply in love with him, there really are no words ❤
  15. My Dogs, Miss Bella and Elsa Mae
  16. My beautiful tree in the front yard, and really all trees
  17. Writing on my Blog
  18. Thunderstorms, Snowstorms, the weather
  19. Being Catholic and praying.
  20. The Rosary, it is a beautiful prayer ❤
  21. Organizing anything with my Beth, the organizer
  22. Decorating my home with Maria, my Interior Designer
  23. Dancing, Going to the theater
  24. Watching my boys dance on the stage, they are amazing !!! (Professional Ballet Dancer’s)
  25. Singing and listening to Music
  26. Aromatherapy
  27. Spa Day
  28. Gambling, Las Vegas, The Ocean
  29. Being with my best friend Cheryl and her family
  30. Scrapbooking, Journaling, Writing, Blogging
  31. Going out to a really nice restaurant for dinner with the husband
  32. Sharing a glass of wine and cheese & fruit tray with someone special
  33. Bonus Day, Woo Hoo
  34. My room, my desk, my dolls
  35. My Life
  36. My Family
  37. Road Trips & Traveling
  38. New Sheets, Electric Blankets, My King Size Bed & Sleeping in it
  39. Having a plan
  40. The Holidays, Four Seasons Brunch, The Nutcracker, Galena

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