What do you do ??

I just thought I’d put up this music to listen to while you read my post.  Because really, now it is my turn and I’m loving it.

That seems to be the question I hear a lot these days and I have to say I’m really sick of it.  What do you do all day?  No I mean what do you do ???

First of all is that really a question you should be asking someone?  Do you really want to know what they do all day or is it just a way to make them feel inferior?  Like they are doing nothing because they no longer have children at home or because they are not bringing in a paycheck of some kind.

Well if you really want to know what I am doing, I am living my life the same way I have been doing that for the last 50 something years.  No, it’s true that all my children are now grown and being productive member’s of society.  They are no longer living at home, but isn’t that what’s suppose to happen.  Children grow up (thank God) and move away.  So because they no longer live at home, I’m no longer a mother??  Well that’s not true because I am a mother still.   Because I no longer have any kids at home I have nothing to do?  Again that’s not true.  Believe there is plenty to do.

I am still a wife and a homemaker.  I have a husband to take care of (I know that’s step lower than staying home to care for you children) but my husband is a wonderful man and I love taking care of him.  We take care of each other.  Let me explain how this works.  He goes to work everyday to make money so that we can live indoors and eat.  No we aren’t independently wealthy so we still need a paycheck.  I take care of the house, laundry, meals, shopping, and our animals.

It’s unfortunate that we live in a society that puts so little value into being a homemaker but really after all these years I am pretty use to it.  It was the same thing when I was a stay at home mom.  I really don’t care anymore.  My life is good and I finally have the time to do what I want to do.  So sorry but, “My give a damn is broken.”

Really life is pretty good.  I get to sleep til I want to, because the husband has his transportation needs worked out.  He says,”I can get to work, there’s no need for you to wake up.”  That’s why we have been married for 36 years.  We think about each other and what can make our life easier.  That’s how we roll.

I take care of my home.  It’s clean, and in order.  There is food in the refrigerator and I’m still an awesome cook.  Even more so now because I have more time to explore my recipe’s.  I no longer have to cook 1 meal, 6 different ways to please everyone.  B O O M !!!  I clean the house once and it usually stays that way because it’s just us and the dogs.  Financially it’s good because there are very few expenses.  I no longer have to wait, I can go get whatever I want because I can.  B O O M !!!  Don’t get me wrong, I loved being a mom and raising a family, but that was then and this is now, and it’s exactly how it’s suppose to be.  It’s our turn.

My husband is an artist and has his space to go and create.  I am a writer, an Archiver and I have my own space, well actually a couple of spaces really.DSC00159 DSC00162

This is his art studio that we have, well I have created (he just gave me the money to make it this way 🙂 )  I have to get a picture of my room, but it is really very nice.  It’s exactly me.  I didn’t even realize our Miss Bella was in the picture.  She is just the sweetest dog we have ever had.  All of our animal’s have been great ❤

Here is some of what I have been creating.  It’s my planner.  I love, love, love my planner and I am going to re-invent it.

Planner Love
Planner Love

I am also learning all about aromatherapy and getting my husband’s Amazon account and Art blog off the ground.  We hope we can start selling a lot of his artwork and sail away somewhere other than this frigid Midwest.  All in good time 🙂

We have been having a really good year.  All of our blessings, we are healthy and our family is doing great. The husband has a really great job, we have a really nice home, our dogs are good.  We will have great seats to the Hawk’s this year, and the Cubs didn’t get into the World Series, all is right in the universe ❤

So for anyone who really wants to know what I do, there it is.  But really that’s just a little bit of what I do.  Most importantly what I do is I live my life and contribute a lot of good karma to this society.  Blessings ❤

5 Comments on “What do you do ??

    • Not really anger, just an irritant…Like a fly buzzing around that just won’t go away. Why can’t people just say, “So you must be having a really great time finding out what’s next now that all your kids are grown.” Or you look so happy, life’s been treating you right. Do you get it ???

      • Yes I totally understand 🙂

        LOve and light ❤

        Anand 🙂

  1. Thanks, yes it did sound a little snarky at first but when I put it down on my blog i.e. write about it, it doesn’t live up in my head playing over and over again like a song you just can’t get out of your head. Now I can start my day, because I’ve said what I’ve said and it’s gone. I guess you might say it’s just how I process my life. It’s all good, Blessings and thanks for taking the time to read and comment ❤

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