Good Wednesday Morning

The sun is shining, the temps are good (sweatshirt weather, my fav) ❤ and it’s a great day to be alive and healthy !!!  Oh I know the stupid Cubs had to go and win yesterday and now everyone will be sucked deeper into the playoff’s, but come on people it’s the Cubs.  They will blow it 🙂  Oh in case you didn’t know it, I’m a rabid Chicago White Sox’s Fan !!!  It’s kind of a funny story why I am.  My first date, 40 years ago was with the husband to a Chicago White Sox vs. Milwaukee Brewer’s at the old Comiskey Park.  That’s when the Brewer’s were still in the American League.  He absolutely hated the Cub’s, so when in Rome i.e. you hate the Cub’s.  I didn’t care really who I was suppose to be a fan of, I was only 16 and I liked the guy sitting next to me who hated the Cub’s.  So I now would hate the Cub’s forever and the rest is history.  A strong 36 year marriage.

Well we had 4 sons and a daughter.  As you well can imagine we are sports enthusiasts, a nice way of saying sport junkies, coo coo birds, sports everything in every season.  Bears, Bulls, WHITE SOX, and of course our beloved Chicago Blackhawks !!!  One day my youngest son came up to me and asked me, “Why do we hate the Cubs?”  I said, “Because you father hates the Cubs, I don’t no go ask him,” and so it goes.  When they blew it back in 2003, against the Dodger’s I remember a couple of the kids were away at college.  I was getting the younger ones ready for bed during that last fateful decision making game when the Cubs lost, the phones started ringing.  I knew exactly who was calling.  Yes it was the other family members celebrating the Cubs losing.  It was like, “Thank you Jesus all is right with the universe 🙂 ”

Last night FB post’s starting going up from one of my son’s ridiculing the Cub’s with a default on his fb page saying the answer could not be from a family member.  His question was a fill in the blank.  He stated, “The Cubs will NOT be in the World Series because_________.  It made me smile.  Nothing like the Cubs blowing it to unify my family 🙂  No really, I’m so over it.  I say just let them have their moment in time.  Then we can move on and start cheering the Blackhawk’s season and their run for the 4th  Stanley Cup <3.

We went to the game Saturday night, row 17/Section 100.  The husband has access to great tickets this year.  He’s a salesman, and I am his #1 customer ** B O O M **  So we will be going a lot this year, am so excited.  It was a great game and they beat the Islander’s 4/1.  To bad the Cubs won too, spoiled a perfect day.

DSC00471 DSC00472 DSC00473 DSC00477 DSC00483 DSC00484 DSC00494

Well I hope you are having a wonderful day.  I am getting so much done around the house, it feels good.  Blessings ❤

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