Don’t Stop Believing, E V E R

I just had to put up this blog today.  I went for my usual walk this morning, and as usual I cried because for some reason that is what I do when I walk in the morning.  No really, every time I go for my morning walk I start to cry.  It could be because I have been sad for a very long time.  It could be because of the music I am listening to and it just makes me sad.  It could be because of the losses I have had over the past year.  I really don’t know why, but I cry when I feel like crying.  I am alone, no one sees me cry (no harm, no foul) and I get over it and I move on.  But…..

This morning I went for my morning walk and when I cried I didn’t feel sad.  I was just so happy 😉  I was so proud of myself.  I was proud of myself for not giving up, for not giving in.  I was proud of myself for moving forward, for not looking back.  I was thanking God for giving me, me.  I am an awesome person.  I am a great wife, mom, grandmama, friend ❤  You see this morning it was happy tears, very very happy tears.  I didn’t know what I was feeling because it has been so very long since I have felt happy.  So that when I cried I was very confused, then I realized they were tears of happiness 🙂 Happy Tears  B O O M ❤

Something really fantastic happened today and the reason it happened is because I didn’t give up.  The Power of Positive Thinking (everyone should read this book) !!!  The reason it happened is because I believe in me.  I believe in my husband and our future.  I believe in God and I talk to him daily.  I go nowhere w/o him.  He told me to keep going, He’s got this.  Don’t stop believing ever !!!  If I  did stop and stayed in bed and covered up my head (like I have felt like doing for a very long time now) this never would’ve happened.

Okay I know you want to know what happened.  Well if you have been reading my blog you know that my husband is an artist, and a very good artist (no he really is).  I have put up some of his painting’s but today was the launch of a new site called Handmade by Amazon.  Here is the link.

All you have to do is click on the link and you can go to Amazon, that’s right A M A Z O N and see all of his artwork for sale.  Well this is just the coolest thing ever.  My husband is selling his fantastic artwork on Amazon Homemade  and I am so proud of him, of us.

This is how we role, just igging it out ❤  God is watching us, from a distant.  Blessings ❤

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