Good Wednesday Morning

So I’m not really sure what to blog about this morning b/c I been on the road for a bit.  I got out of my habits, so now I need to get back into the real world.  First let me tell you a few things I learned on our road trip.

1. I learned that I will never live in Maine.  It is a beautiful state but I am a city girl.  I love the rural aspect of Maine.  I love watching things on TV about living in the country like, “Little House on the Prairie,” but I could not do it on a daily basis.  I live in the suburbs of a major metropolitan city.  I need the city.  My husband works in the city, so we really need the city.  The shopping, the sports teams (hockey and baseball), the community, my church, neighbors & friends.  OMG let’s not forget the beauty salons, manicures, facials.  Restaurants & grocery stores.  There is just so much to my world that I would have a hard time being surrounded by trees and the ocean.

2.  I had my faith reinforced once again of God’s omnipresence in my life.  He was with me on the whole trip and I felt him there with me.  He reminded me that this is a big world with so many variables to every situation.  Just put one foot in front of the other, breathe in/breathe out and he will guide me so don’t worry about what’s next.  He’s got this and you like he always has.  You just have to believe and talk to him and he will guide you.

It is scary driving and even more when you are the passenger.  I’m not a big fan of driving and cars, probably because of my car accident.  Unless it is perfect sunshine, flat terrain, 1 other car to pass on a four lane highway and a rest stop/gas station every 5 miles, I am in full on panic mode.  So naturally when it’s raining, foggy driving through the Appalachian Mountains at 10 pm with Deer Crossing next 100 miles, Watch out for Moose in the roadway, Semi’s emergency off ramp, 20 mph curves ahead, construction 1 lane with no shoulder it did get a bit scary…  That’s when I pulled out my God card and said, “Please put a couple of your angel’s on top of the car and one inside to sit by me so that we arrive safely at our destination.”  Well the husband is just the best driver in the world, but he looked so tired sometime.  I felt bad for him because I don’t drive the cross country type.  Every time I mentioned I would try to drive, he gave me that gorgeous smile of his and said, “I’m good,” and he was.  You see God really was in control of everything as I looked out over all of the cars going 70/80 mph and no one crashed.

3.  I learned I love, love, love coming home from vaca more than I love going on vaca.  I realize there really is no place like home.  I miss my bed, and my dogs.  I did bring my coffee pot with me this time. Yes it was a hassle to lug it around in the different hotels, but so worth having a that great cup of MY COFFEE every morning.  It’s so good to be home and doing laundry and unpacking and seeing all of my chatzkies that I bought (Don’t know the correct spelling)

So I’ll load some of the pictures that I took of the actual, “Road Trip.”  Blessings, and glad to be back ❤

Indiana - 1st day/Trees, no color
Indiana – 1st day/Trees, no color
Trees/No Color Ohio-1st day
Trees/No Color Ohio-1st day
Trees & Bluffs/No color yet
Trees & Bluffs/No color yet
Trees & Bluffs, Still no color
Trees & Bluffs, Still no color
Trees & Bluffs, No Color 2nd Day, Upstate NY
Trees & Bluffs, No Color 2nd Day, Upstate NY
First site of the Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse...Heading to Portland, ME.
First site of the Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse…Heading to Portland, ME.

I won’t bore you of all the other pictures I took of the Lunar Eclipse, just keeping a record of it.

We made it to Portland, Maine and about 9pm from Rochester, New York.  That was a very long two days of driving, but we finally made it to our 1st destination.  Here of some pictures of that 1st night watching the Lunar Eclipse at a lovely hotel with a group of wanderer’s like ourselves, enjoy it around a fire pit in the garden with a glass of wine.  Perfect start to the vaca.  Blessings, I’m back ❤  Love ya.

The garden and fire pit & the husband
The lobby of the Portland Harbor Ho
The husband relaxing watching the Lunar Eclipse w/wine and friendly strangers. Perfect ❤

We arrived safely to our 1st destination Portland, Maine.  It really was a beautiful, uneventful (thank God) drive out here.  The weather was great and we made good time on the roads.  Oh and the 4th thing I learned on the road trip out here is that when the husband fills up the car, we won’t be stopping until we are on fumes so go to the bathroom because I was pretty much held captive for the car part.  He doesn’t like to stop, so I’m lucky I did not develop a pulmonary embolism along the way.  As always, blessings ❤

3 Comments on “Good Wednesday Morning

  1. Sounds like a great time, but give me an airplane anytime! LOL there are some places I would love to drive to. I would love to fly into New York and drive up the coast during the fall and watch the changing colors of the leaves. That is on my bucket list . Cheryl

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