Writing 101/Day 4 – A Story in a Single Image

This is a very powerful image.  It represents what we as a society in the 21st Century, have lost.  We have lost the, “Hard Copy,” of anything & everything and no one even realizes it.  I realize it all the time, but no more than when we go on a road trip.  Back in the day when we went on a road trip I would have to make sure that I contacted AAA, no that doesn’t stand for Absolutely Alcoholics Anonymous. Triple AAA stands for, “American Automobile Association.”

I would contact them and tell them where we were traveling and then they would provide me with a, “Trip Tik.”  That was a page turning booklet of my entire trip.  It was so much fun to keep track of the travel that way.  I was the co-pilot for the husband.  The kids, (we had 4 of them) but only 1 trip tik. There would be fights over it.  Some were not even old enough to read it, but they just want to look cool like the older ones.

Being a  writer I took notes all the way and kept them directly on the trip tik.  They had one for the way down, and a brand new fresh one for the trip back.  I kept track of clean rest stops, always a must when traveling with children.  The best most affordable eateries along the way.  The weather and time.  Was it a good stretch of road to travel, and on & on & on.  I liked it because it was a travel journal of my trip.  A diary of sorts, full of coffee spills and ripped pages from the fights the kids had with it.  Someone would yell, “Mom we are missing the page for Lookout Mountain in Georgia.”  I yelled back, “Michael Jr. threw it out the window to keep Lizzie from having it.”  Really it was a free for all !!!  But it was life with the family on the road.  And it was fun and we were all talking or fighting and someone was usually crying.  It was living and being engaged in the moment.

I’m glad life was like that and I have those memories.  Now it is so different.  Everything is up in a cloud.  No more trip tiks, no more maps.  Now it is Seirry (or however she spells her name) or Google maps.  No place to write things down and take notes.  If there is, it’s not your handwritten notes, no coffee spills.  Now it’s a hand held device for everyone in the car.  A smart phone, iPad or a built in tv to play movies.  No more sing alongs because everyone had their own playlist going in their own ear buds.  And S T O P the car when someone gets low on battery.  OMG I need a charger now, give it to me.  Then of course no one has a charger, are you kidding me and we have to stop at a rest area to charge up so we can use the maps to get to our destination.

I’m pretty sure the more we get things to make our lives easier, the more complicated it becomes.  Now if you had a trip tik, all would be fine.  Hard copy, handwritten thank you notes, phone calls just to say, “Hi, I miss you.  I was thinking about you and wanted to hear your voice.”  It’s over people, we are in a totally different time, and I don’t think it is better. I think it has separated us more than we ever could imagine.  It has become next to impossible to stay close to the ones you love.

On the other hand the technology has not been all bad.  My Connor (our youngest) always FaceTime’s me and even though he is almost 1000 miles away we can still eat lunch together and watch the playoff’s (Hockey).  So sometimes you can bring the ones you love closer if you want.  I get to show him what I did with the house, he gets to see his dogs.  When we face time I think it is so cool to be able to do that.

I think we just have to stay mindful of the hard copy, the hug, the hand holding and a kiss for luck ❤  Please remember to put pen to paper.  When I read some of my grandmother’s notes to me, it’s like she’s right there saying the things she wrote in her note.  I can almost hear her voice in her handwritten note.  So don’t forget to sign off and seal it with a kiss.  Hope you enjoyed the post bloggers, Love ya…Blessings ❤

2 Comments on “Writing 101/Day 4 – A Story in a Single Image

  1. I keep my own travel journal now when we takes road trips so I have a place for all those notes. It’s a pretty cool little journal. Getting it ready for our upcoming road trip out east to Maine. Thanks for reading, hope all is well with you and Bo. Blessings ❤

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