Writing 101/Day 10

If we were having coffee right now, you would probably be telling me to make sure it is decaf.  It’s after 8 pm and the day has been one teeny, tiny fire after another.  The operative word here is fire, it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s teeny tiny they still have to be put out or it will turn into a raging firestorm.

So the day started out with my morning pages.  My morning pages are my free writing for 3 pages.  It helps me to get rid of all the white noise and other distractions in my head.  It really works well for me because I usually end up thanking God for giving me another day, 24 hours to be a productive member of society.  Whether it be writing, housecleaning, or just chilling and taking care of my animals and my people, I am blessed that I was given another day.

I got to ground zero and even wrote in my planner for what I wanted to accomplish for the day.  So now I’m on my walk to go get the car.  I get to the car and what do I see but someone has viciously keyed the door w/circles and lines and whatever else they could carve into it.  This is a brand new car and I just couldn’t believe what someone did to it intentionally.  There are some really messed up people in this world, set on destruction for no reason at all.  I called the husband and told him what happened and he said in a calm voice, “Patti, it’s only a car.  We will get it fixed.”  I love the man, he keeps it in perspective always for me.

When I returned home, there was a UPS truck delivering a large box.  It was the husband’s bday present from his son’s Matthew & Connor.  They bought him a really cool picture of the Republican President’s play pool.  I’ll try to get it up so you can see it.  I have been redecorating his artist studio and they thought this would be a nice picture for it.  I have to agree.  We also put up a replica of, “The Constitution,” “The Bill of Rights,” “The Declaration of Independence,” and Lincoln’s, “Gettysburg Address.”  It looks so cool.  I’ll take a picture of the whole studio when it’s done, which will be soon.

CallintheBlue_3046_001-1 (1)

I finally got the picture up!!!  It’s only 3 am.

So pour me some more coffee please, because I am going to need it.  I was trying to get the picture embedded and I really can’t figure out the problem so I’m just going to finish this post and try to relax a bit.  After all my blog is Scarlet79.

I finished the day with a new purse from Brighten and some Pandora Jewelry (b/c Pandora had a special w/get one free and I’m all about free stuff.)  The only problem with that is (and this is true) the husband says it always costs him some money.  But he spoils me and he likes to see me smile.  I got a new purse for the fall and we are going on another road trip soon.  This time to Maine.  It will be perfect for leaf peeping.  I will blog a lot about the road trip.

Well I just wanted to get something on writing 101.  Blessings Blogger’s ❤

p.s.  I just put the Eagle up in the featured image.  It’s kind of the patriotic thing we are doing in his studio.  He drew and painted this picture.   Again, as always, Blessings ❤  I wanted to put up the picture that the guys sent him, but after all tomorrow is another day so I’ll try to update it then…

12 Comments on “Writing 101/Day 10

  1. Hi there! I love how you make this so conversational. 🙂 Love your descriptions, too! 😀
    And, I don’t want a decaf coffee. I like it bitter. 🙂

    • OMG it is just the coolest place ever. I did a room for me too. That’s pretty cool too !!! I will post pics probably early next week. Blessings & thanks for reading ❤

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