September 11, 2015

So today is a sad, sad day.  I will never forget what I was doing on this day, 2001, but I don’t remember what I did on September 10, 2001.  I know what the weather was like that morning, I remember where I was right before it happened.  I remember how I felt, who I talked to before and after it happened.  So I guess it is a good thing I don’t remember September 10th.  Because that means there was not a before September 11th or an after September 11th.

In a lot of people’s world there was a before and after.  I think of those many people who’s lives were changed forever on that day.  For the people who lost mother’s and father’s, sister’s and brothers, son’s and daughter’s.  I always think about that.  I think about the people who have suffered everyday since that day.  How really there lives changed for ever because of there losses.  How they struggle to go on.  How some days are good and some are not so good.

Every year I watch the specials they have on 9/11.  It brings back the feelings of that day.  I’m usually watching it with my husband and he says the same thing, “Why are we watching this, it so depressing.”  I tell him I feel like it is my responsibility to watch so that I never forget.  Watching it is the least I can do to honor those who died on that fateful day.

I think of all those people who lost someone on that day.  Todd Beamer’s little girl is now 14 years old and she never got to meet her dad.  I think all those people who lost their lives, but I try to focus on those who lived.

I see those terrorist, and all I see is the evil in there eyes.  The Devil walking onto those planes.  The people who live with not realizing the evil that was about to take place.  All of the, “If only’s.” that go through their mind.  I heard one guy say, “I don’t see Mohammad Atta in every car that passes by me anymore.”  How haunting to have to have lived with that for the last 14 years.

I do the only thing I know that will help this world, I pray the rosary or maybe I just pray.  I remember that day, I took my whole family to church that night and we prayed the rosary together because that is what we use to do when bad things happened.

My boys are professional ballet dancer’s.  They could’ve been businessmen, doctor’s, teachers.  Really they could’ve been anything they wanted.  But they are performer’s, starving artist’s.  I am proud of what they chose to be/do. It is very hard to be a professional.  Oh I know it looks really glamorous up on that stage, “Living the Dream.”  The fact is that it is a whole lot of really hard work.

Your body is put through grueling physical work each day you go to work.  It’s not like sitting at a desk for 8 hours.  Your day starts out early with class.  You know getting all those muscles ready to work all day.  Then of course there is a part of the day referred to as, “Notes.”  That’s where you get to hear about everything you are doing wrong, woo hoo. Best part of the day, NOT.  Then you dance, practice, and dance some more.  That’s just the morning.  Then you have lunch and more dance.   Then the 2 o’clock slump comes, I’m tired and need some coffee to get through the rest of this day.  Unfortunately you are in the middle of a routine for the umpteenth time and you can’t just go and take a coffee break.  So like I said, when you see a performance and you are thinking how great it is to be up on the stage, “Living the Dream” it’s really a lot of hard work.

The reason I brought this up in this blog is because I thought it was important to let you know how hard it is to be a performer, an artist.  They really don’t make much money, hence the term, “Starving Artist.”  They are gifted and very talented, but it’s also a whole lot of hard work.  They are doing that hard work so that we the audience can escape from a world that can be so unkind even brutal.  You know the world where people fly planes into buildings and shoot innocent kids for no reason.  They do what they do so that we can escape from the real world.  They bring beauty back into our lives, and keep us smiling and feeling happy through this crazy thing called life.  Everything is beautiful at the ballet.  I really just want to say thank you to my guys for bringing joy and beauty into the world ❤

So I just hope all who are reading my blog today will remember all of the victims of 9/11 because there were so many.  Not just the ones who lost their lives, the ones that lived.  Don’t forget about Ambassador Stevens and the other’s who were killed in Benghazi on this date either.  Maybe just a kind action to someone in honor of their memory would be a good thing to do.  A simple smile or thank you might just make a difference in someone’s life today.  I hope for a better world.    Blessing ❤

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