I write because/Writing 101

I write because I have a story to tell.  I write because when I write it down, I make it happen.  I write because I like how it feels to actually put pen to paper.  It is therapy for me.  Some days it’s what I call dump days.  I just have to dump all of the demons that live in my head rent free and I call it, “Dump Day.”  Then I can move forward and it just stops replaying over and over in my head like a bad dream.  These are just a few of the reasons I write.

The most important reason that I write comes from a time way back when I was just a young girl.  I read the book, “Diary of Anne Frank.”  That book had such a profound impact on me that from that moment on all I wanted to do was to keep a diary, a journal, write a book.  My husband is reading it now, because of how much I have talked about it.  Now mind you we have been together 39 years, 36 of them married and he finally is getting around to reading it.  Now this is a man who reads constantly and he tells me I have never read that book.  Better late than never.

I am thoroughly amazed at how timeless that book is.  To be such a young girl and to have documented the 2 years she and her family were in hiding.  To think that this book even made it to the publisher, I mean you just have to believe in a higher power for that to have happened.  Her life was so short, yet she left such a legacy from just a notebook and scraps of paper.  She never even knew that her writing’s were going to be kept forever and that kid’s would be reading her diary in school and doing reports on it.

Well from that moment on, that is when I got the desire to write.  I read all the time about writing and I have no less than 100 journals, well maybe not that many but I have quite a few.  I guess I would love to make my mark on this world.  My husband is an amazing artist and he paints all the time.  He says, “Death is a great move for an artist,” because he is always trying to sell them w/o much luck.  I tell him that those painting will be around long after he is gone and really who knows.  I write a lot, but it’s just pieces here and there.  There are times that I get motivated to get writing my story, and I’m sure I will do it.  I have been busy raising my family (4 kids) but now they are pretty much on their own so I have the time to explore my writing.

Well this is my, “Gift of a Year,” to me.  There are some more books I have to read, but I am going to be writing while I’m reading those books.  So stay tuned and wish me luck.  Blessings ❤

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