Happy Labor Day Weekend

I can’t believe it is Labor Day already.  I guess that means the summer is officially coming to an end.  Well it was a pretty good summer here, but it was over soooo quick.  I love the fall, but winter not so much.  So I thought I would take a look back at what I did this summer.  Let’s start with June.

So who can forget June.  What a great month that was.  Our Matthew celebrated his birthday and went to China this year.


1599354_10153355335901030_4581794685347696304_o 11053240_10153323660291030_2742296331127872354_o 11270433_10153320941966030_7150267390332920881_o 11214223_10204399195436801_1275972014033429774_n 11062105_10153320773096030_5273154262581609862_o 11212625_10153303356296030_721781049964852781_o 11231271_10153312706211030_5969746298514135237_n 11312764_10153312711816030_4292877393906663547_o

And who can forget the Blackhawks.  They won the Stanley Cup.  I know, it’s kind of bad what Patrick Kane has hanging over his head, and the entire Blackhawk’s organization but we should just wait and see.  I know I am very disappointed in him and what he did to himself and the team.  You would think that he would be smarter than that.  I guess making 12 million dollars a year can’t buy you manner’s and how to treat a lady.  Really stupid !!!!  But I still like the Blackhawk’s and hockey and am looking forward to the season.


Dad & Connor
Dad & Connor
I love you Michael <3
I love you Michael ❤


We planted a garden out front.  My roses did so well.  They are looking so good.

Featured Image -- 3082

We all know what the meaning of this is <3
We all know what the meaning of this is ❤


Of course there was Father’s Day.  Matthew was still in China, so he didn’t make it to the White Sox Game.  Connor bought his dad tickets to the game.  Actually tickets for all 3 of us.  It was a blast, hot…

See the two ladies in back photo bombing us :)
See the two ladies in back photo bombing us 🙂


Matthew and Connor both came home and we were able to get a some really awesome family pictures ❤

The Family <3
The Family ❤
The Crazies, my Family
The Crazies, my Family

IMG_2524 IMG_2527 IMG_2523

We went to Summerfest in Milwaukee.  Matthew use to live there when he danced on Milwaukee Ballet so he wanted to take a trip up there just to visit.  That was pretty cool.  We went to the same coffee shop we use to go too, Alterra.  They changed their name to Collectivo.  Their coffee is to die for and we went to the burger joint we use to eat at.

Two Cool Cats !!!
Two Cool Cats !!!

The best part of the trip was going to summerfest.  We got to see the Ides of March.  Saw Jim Peterik and got a picture with him.  He knows us because we kind of follow him around and go to his concerts a lot.  At least one a year.  He’s a great guy and a really talented musician/song writer.  Here is a youtube video of him performing, “Vehicle !!”  He is an awesome perfomer.  I think my favorite song by him is L.A. Goodbye.  I’ll put that one up too at the bottom of this picture set.

IMG_2494 IMG_2489 IMG_2482

Patti & Jim Peterik/The Ides of March
Patti & Jim Peterik/The Ides of March

When we went to one of his concerts, he was singing a romantic song.  I was walking right by the stage to my seat and he was walking down to the audience singing and he came right up and kissed me in front of the whole crowd.  It was an amazing experience having Jim Peterik come down off stage and kiss me.  B O O M  I’m pretty sure the video below was the concert this happened at.  I know the someone got it on video and I’m going to find it and post it.  When I went looking for this song, I found this video.  I know that has to be somewhere.  The song was, “The Search is Over.”

Well that was just June, 2015.  I guess it started off as a pretty cool summer ❤  Have a great Labor Day weekend

6 Comments on “Happy Labor Day Weekend

  1. It’s a wonderful post. Sweet pictures.
    Happy labour day Scarlett.

    Anand 🙂

  2. I loved this, seeing everyone together and enjoying your outings vicariously …. a slow summer here so yours sort of made up for it. Nancy

    • Thank you so much, Nancy ❤ Means a lot to me. You have taught about family. Watching you and Jon. I send prayers to heaven with my angel's. All of the out of work Guardian Angels are with you ❤ Love ya, bunches…

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