10 Reasons I Love Getting Up in the Morning

Just had to start out with this music video.  Really a beautiful song, performed by two master who sing it beautifully.  Really it will bring chills and tears…Enjoy 😉

10.  Because it’s a new day and it’s filled with endless possibilities

9.  I get to kiss my husband

8.  I get to make a fresh pot of coffee, nothing compares to that first cup

7.  I get to sit down at my desk w/a blank page on my journal just waiting for me to write on

6.  I get to clean my house (ground zero) so that must mean I have a home

5.  I get to do laundry, so I have a washer & dryer and I have clean clothes

4.  I get to drive my husband to work and I get another kiss goodbye

3.  I have a car to drive

2.  The husband has a job, so we get to eat and live indoors

1.  God has blessed me with health, a husband and family who loves me and my two dogs

extra credit…I have the best friends…Beth (the best organizer in the country), Maria (She’s made my house a gorgeous home), Lisa (who makes me look beautiful), last but definitely not least Cheryl who is a sister to me.  Her family loves my family and vice/versa.   We’ve been through it all together, and she never leaves, nor do I.  Always just a phone call away ❤  She knows me, and I know her and we’ll be together til the end.  Oh I have one more thing that I love, love, love.

I love getting ready for bed, washing my face (taking all the day off) and using all of my lotions and potions to work magic on my face overnight.  Starting the atomizer with my aroma’s (aromatherapy), “Peace, or Good Night, or Romance.” (Oil Blends)  Best of all my two dogs just waiting for me to get into bed so they can go to sleep for the night.  Watching TV or reading or writing in my awesome bed.  That is just a pure slice of heaven.  Then closing my eyes for the night and always remembering to thank God for all I am blessed with.  Extra, extra credit.  Living in this wonderful country.  If you are lucky enough to be born in this America, then you are lucky enough…  Go have a great day fellow blogger’s ❤

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