Because it’s my Job

So did have not a great weekend.  I totally went off line.  Big mistake, but that’s just who I am.  Always have cut off the nose despite the face.  I mean everything.  I didn’t even answer the cell phone or land line.  I was in what I call the, “Stupid Room.”  That’s the room I go into where I just feel like my entire life and what I do is stupid.  It’s really just a feeling but as we all know, feelings can be so powerful.  Feelings have more power than reality if you let them.  I forget that but I always get pulled back into reality.  Because it’s my job, I’m a mom.  I don’t get to quit.  It can be very difficult sometimes but there’s always that one kid who just gets you and really makes sense.  That would be my Connor.  Hopefully my other’s don’t take offense, it’s just that we have that kind of relationship.  It’s good ❤  He got me to quit smoking 16 years ago and he was only in 2nd grade.  I feel a song coming on 😉

He is just a really sweet young man and he loves me.  My other ones I know love me, but like Matthew who has become a confident young man is just busy with his life and that is good.  Not that Connor isn’t busy with his life too, but we are just really close.  Always have been.  The other two, well let’s just say they are in their own little world  and no longer have any need or room for their family. Ooops, was that a bit snarky.  So sorry, but I can be snarky if I want to because this is my blog.

So back to my job.  I was on my walk and I play my music while I walk.  I shuffle the music (which is some of the husband’s playlist) and let the Music God’s pick what song will inspire me.  That is the one that came up, “It’s My Job,” by Jimmy Buffet.  Listening to the words I realized my job is still very important even though all of the kids are gone.  I am still a mom, a wife and a homemaker.  But most important, my life in this little corner of the world is important to a lot of people.  I have a lot of friends, more than I thought and my life is important to them.  I tell all of the young ladies that I know that are expecting a baby (maybe complaining about being late and wishing they would hurry up and have this baby) that the day your baby is born, the world will be changed forever so it can’t just be any old day.

Thinking in those terms, the same holds true for each and every life.  So stay out of that stupid room and realize feelings are just that, “Feelings,” not reality.  The reality is where there is life there is hope and the world is a better place with you in it.  Another rule I try live by is when you enter a room, leave it in a little better shape than when you came in ❤  I’m not perfect and I don’t try to be, I just try to live my life with a, “Do No Harm,” philosophy.  Wow this turned into a really heavy post.  Have a great evening, and sleep well fellow blogger’s, love ya ❤

5 Comments on “Because it’s my Job

  1. Never forget: We’re all human. Everyone gets to a similar point. Glad you have your boy. Take care and hopefully your next day will be much brighter.

  2. Mums are always needed and even if the others are not showing that now because of their life distractions there will come a day when they’ll be back.

    • I really hope so, my heart is so broken right now, all I do is try to pray and have faith. Thanks for reading, love ya ❤

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