Troll’s I’m going private

So I have decided to go private.  I no longer want people trolling my blog who are no longer in my life.  They know where I live and they know how to pick up a phone if they want to talk to me, but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen.  Cowards can never look you in the face.  They have to go around your back and hurt you.  Well I broke my own rule and I trolled and of course there was nothing there that I wanted to see.  You see when I, “Troll,” someone, I am actually looking for something that was once there.  Something left of the person who I once knew, loved and trusted.  But there is nothing left of what I thought was there.  The only thing I see is a  relationship that  was a huge lie.  They don’t know me and I never, never knew them.  It was a huge lie.

I have always been a trusting, loving good person, to a fault.  I have ended up getting hurt many times.  I spent many long years fighting those things.  Not compromising so people like/love me.  Standing up for myself, for what I believe in.  I use to let people use me and take advantage for acceptance.  Well after years of learning how to love myself for who I am, I have finally learned not to sell out.  It’s not being prideful or unbending it’s just about not selling out.  It’s believing in who I am not letting people use me for their doormat.  I will not apologize for that and I will not be used anymore.

Because you can’t have a relationship with someone who continually lies to you.  Trust and honesty are a major factor in a relationship.  If you have to lie and can’t be honest, really what kind of relationship can you have.  None.  I have been married to my husband for 36 years and we have been together for 39 years.  It is rock solid and built on a mutual respect for one another and trust.  He hasn’t cheated on me or betrayed me.  He has gone to work everyday of our marriage and worked hard to be the best husband and father he could be.

He graduated from Northwestern with a BS degree.  After that he put himself through more college and he got his MBA.  All on his own and a little bit of help from me 😉  He had to put himself through college, because you see his father died when he was only 9 years old so he didn’t have anyone else to help him get through life except an awesome mom.  Yes she was a single mom, widowed.  But her son was her #1 priority.  Nothing came before his future.  She didn’t re-marry and create all kinds of drama.  She gave him the best life she could on her own !!!  She was strong and made sure he could have a great life.  She worked hard and she taught him how not to give up.  He is a strong man and that is why I fell in love with him.  He doesn’t compromise either, he stands for something.

So people out there who call me names, go ahead.  Let’s see if you can live your life better.  I really don’t care.  The only one I have to answer to is that woman in the mirror.  I have all I need.  I have a great family and a husband who loves me to the moon.  But more important, I have me ❤

So I think all you have to do is be a follower of my blog and you will have access that way.  It’s not been a great day, but I’ll get through it and I’ll be a little stronger and wiser for it.  I don’t even feel the least bit sorry for those people because in my mind they are pure evil.  All they want to do is hurt and destroy because they have such unhappy lives because of their really bad choices.  Like I said about my blog, it is real with real emotions.  As always fellow blogger’s, Love ya ❤

One more thing, I was thinking of the title of this post to be Dump Day.  You see another reason I am going private is because this is my, “Happy Place,” and I don’t like to write negative things but I just had to get these things out of my head where they will not live rent free.  I will survive and keep loving my writing and dancing through life ❤

10 Comments on “Troll’s I’m going private

  1. I think Dump Day is awesome segment you can have for your blog. Especially, when you need to get rid of the toxins that are plaguing you. Great exercise to relieve stress. Just get it all out.

    I enjoy reading you post . Keep up with the positive attitude and vibes. Don’t let the trolls get you down. They have nothing better to do than to hate and cause trouble because they are miserable.

    • Thank you, just what I needed to hear. I love my blog. When I look at it I just feel happy ❤ Keep reading, I'll keep writing. Love ya ❤

  2. Read your post and could feel your emotions through it. It has happened to me but I like to write and love people to visit and read what I write, so I decided to go semi-incognito. I hope the trolling stops for you.

    • My feelings run deep and I am a very passionate person. I can’t help that, it’s just who I am. Thanks for reading ❤

      • That’s a good thing but it ends up hurting you. I hope you feel happier with each passing day.

  3. It hurts when people disappoint. I’m very loyal and it hurts when people who should be loyal are not. Not just loyal to me, but to others. I hate when I realize they aren’t loyal. But, we are all human after all, I guess. Don’t let them get you down. Ignore them.

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