Newsome Twosome

So last night we went dancing at another event the, “Newsome Twosome.”  I am just having the best time with this dancing.  There is no downside to the dancing.  I have lost 17lbs. since January w/o really changing my diet at all, but I really don’t eat that much anyway.  I have made some really awesome friends.  These people at Authur Murray are just the nicest people.  It is really so much fun.  We laugh and there is absolutely no pressure.  It’s not competitive at all.  Everyone just makes you feel so welcome.  You get to get dressed up in beautiful dresses, get your hair done, get your make-up done and go out for an evening of dancing with friends.  I’m going to put up this youtube video because that kind of will explain what I’m doing, “Dancing through Life.”

Last night it was in Chicago, and the weather was beautiful.  The husband is just the greatest.  He left work early to come home and get me.  I hate, hate, hate driving on the expressway, especially to the city.  You really have to know what you are doing and where you are going.  None of which I did, so he just came home early from work to get me.

I had my make-up and hair done earlier in the day.  I wore the same dress I wore earlier in the year for the Medal Ball/Tango, but my friend just help me change it up a little.  Different jewelry, a black sash around the waist.  My hair was different and make-up turned out great.  Well see for your self…

Before Make-up & Hair
Before Make-up & Hair
After Make-up, but still not hair
After Make-up, but still not hair

You see it’s really not about all of that.  It’s really about having fun with friends, stepping out of your comfort zone and living life.  I am so thankful that I have the support of my family, the husband and my son’s.  Dancing has saved my life more than once.  I really feel like I am, “Dancing through Life.”  I think I have gotten a little better, which is good.  But again it’s really not about how good you are or aren’t.  It’s about so much more and I love what I am doing ❤  Here’s the video from last night, and I had soooo much fun.  Thank you Michael for your support I love you.  George, well what can I say but Love ya, too ❤

5 Comments on “Newsome Twosome

  1. Now for anyone who wants to know, this is what a, “Dance Mom” really looks like 🙂 Because that’s what I am a Dance Mom, love ya Connor & Matthew ❤ my Dancing Boys !!!

  2. So tell me – are you taking the classes by yourself or with a friend. My SIL took lessons a couple of years ago, but our guys wouldn’t go dancing with us. The lessons ended up being for naught. 🙂

    • Oh by myself … But I don’t care!! The husband comes to watch me abc I’ll get him out there sooner or later. I make it look so fun, he’ll join me 💗💗

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