Who I am and why I’m here…

So my blog name is Scarlet79.  I am a homemaker, a wife and a mother.  I love to write and tell stories.  I love, love, love dancing and anything musical, i.e. live theater/Broadway, Classical Ballet, Metal, anything Susan Branch.  I love to cook.  I am the queen of my home.  I have a song for everything.  I am a huge Chicago Blackhawk’s fan.  Did I mention that we won the Stanley Cup this year, B O O M !!!  This is my theme song with my husband and my life.

Just because I laugh a lot doesn’t mean my life is easy. Just because I have a smile on my face everyday, doesn’t mean that something is not bothering me. I just choose to move on and not dwell on all the negatives in my life, because we all have them. Every new moment gives me the chance to renew anew I choose to be that.

You should read and follow my blog because the stories are real, and I have an amazing life.  My two youngest son’s are professional ballet dancer’s so there is a lot about them and their dancing.  The two oldest are doing whatever, they just left so I’m not really sure what they are doing.  But that’s not my problem anymore b/c they are adults and make their own choices.

One of my stories is we just got back from a road trip.  On this trip we attended a book signing.  The book was written by D.Randall Blythe, Lead Vocalist with Lamb of God.  The title of the book is, “Dark Days, A Memoir.”  It was really quite interesting being in a room full of, “Metal Heads” (that’s what they call themselves.)  Me, I am a fifty something wife and mother.  I had my little white blouse on w/my white keds (tennis shoes) with not one scuff on them.  I looked, to say the least, a little out of place but we were made to feel very welcome.  Well see for yourself.  This is a picture of the family w/Randy.

The family w/Randy signing his book
The family w/Randy signing his book ❤

The stories are real, the people are real.  I love to write.  I hope you will follow.  You won’t be disappointed ❤  Love ya, Scarlet79

14 Comments on “Who I am and why I’m here…

    • OMG I follow her blog and read her books. She has a new book coming out soon. You should go see her site ❤ She is very uplifting…

      • duh, back when I would scour the library looking for her books was before all this whole internet thing was around – am I showing my age – is 79 your birth year? sorry would have to go back and look to get an idea of your age, guess just assumed we were the same by you knowing about her – which might have been really dumb, right? anyway hadn’t even thought to do that – duh – thanks

      • went back and looked – (maybe I should try to get some pix up) – and thought we seemed to be around the same age – I’m a 50 something too – maybe I shouldn’t call myself a dinosaur but sometimes I feel like it, especially with things like this – just had never thought about looking her up online – actually really hadn’t thought about her at all in a long time – which is bugging me now, especially am I seeing do you have only boys as well?

      • I only have 3 boys – maybe your girl somewhat kept you in the Susan loop? didn’t get a girl till son got married and got my granddaughter – well, older one was married a while and has had girlfriends – then younger one – ssh! – has a friend who he’s brought to the house – and he’s coming in now, I think, so going to stop talking about it

      • I have loved Susan Branch forever. I took my granddaughter to a book signing with her last year. Just google her and you’ll find her 😉

  1. It’s a long sad, sad story. One that I’m not ready to talk about and maybe never be able to talk about. She’s in God’s hands ❤

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