Blogging 101

Well tonight/tomorrow I am starting a new blogging/writing series.  I’m not sure if I am going to start a whole new site or just continue on Scarlett79.  I want to start writing my books.  Got some encouragement from an author/D.Randall Blythe who has just published a book, “Dark Days, A Memoir.”  He’s right you know, just sit your butt down and write.  Well I’m sure there is a little more to it than that but you get the gist.  So if you are following my blog now and I start a new blog, I’ll let you know so you can follow me on my new site too.  I have been wanting for some time to spruce up my site.  Maybe now would be a good time to do it.

Hello August, it’s going to be a busy week for me.  I really don’t know how I raised 4 children, kept a home, laundry, meals, school, a husband, 2 dogs & a cat going.  Now it’s just me and it seems as though I am still very busy.  I must say though, I am having a lot more fun w/o all of the drama and a lot less stress.

Oh I’m dancing again this week downtown.  It is the Newsome, Twosome.  I am doing the Foxtrot w/ George.  He also is an amazing dance teacher.  There is no downside to dancing and it is the longest I have kept with exercising w/o getting an injury.  I think it’s b/c I get to hold onto George.  We even do some dips, and I just told George, “Hold onto me, or I will fall !!!”  He’s so much fun to dance with 😉    The Husband loves to come and watch.  It has done so much for my confidence.  I might post a video of it if I like how it turns out.  I will post some things like my dress, hair & make-up.  Also I’ll get some of George dancing.

This is the song that I am dancing too.  Very cool ❤

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