Planned Parenthood/An entire generation lost

I’m sorry, I just have to post this.  First let me tell you of my own personal experience so as to not rationalize this by saying, “I don’t know how it feels to be faced with the decision to Kill or not to Kill your baby.”  I am not going to sterilize this, it is murder.  Mother’s murdering their children.  So when they say that PP has performed over 66,000,000 million abortions since Roe v. Wade that means that 66 million lives have been taken.  An entire generation has been slaughtered and I’m not going to let you get off on the rape or mother’s life is in danger.  Give me a break, that is just total crap, lies !!!  Let’s not forget about the 66 million women who killed their babies.  Their lives aren’t worth anything now either.  There lives have been ruined also.   So let’s see over 132 million lives have been ruined by this form of genocide.  PP should be out of business.  What has this country become.  We no longer protect the innocent.  We slaughter them for profit.  I am physically sick to my stomach and I have cried the morning away…  Now all we care about is a Lion named Cecil.  Really people.

I was pregnant with my 2nd child.  At about 30 weeks gestation I went into labor.  My water broke and I delivered a baby boy, Sean Patrick.  Unfortunately he had a birth defect and was not viable and went to heaven shortly after he was born.  In the next pregnancy they started doing all kinds of testing on me so as they said, “We could find out if the baby was viable this time.  If it wasn’t, then I could terminate (kill my baby) so I would not have to go through anything.”  My OB went on to say that I would have to go somewhere else (PP) to kill my baby, because that was too unpleasant for his office to do.  Really, that’s when I said no more test.  I will do nothing more but deliver my baby when God decided that time would come.  If the baby was born healthy, “Thank you God” for giving me this gift of a child.  If not then God gets to make the decision of whether or not he will live.  You see I am a real mom, someone who creates life.  Not someone who just weeds out a human life that I deem not good for this world.   I bring life into this world and I would never under any circumstance kill my baby.  N E V E R.

So today I am going to stop in church somewhere and say a Rosary for all of those little lives that have been lost and pray for this world.  When did murder become a form of birth control ???  When a bunch of judges decided it was a woman’s constitutional right to kill her baby.  Let me just say this to anyone out there thinking about doing this.  Get an unltrasound first so that you can see your baby before you kill it.  Get a picture of your baby before you kill it.  I’m really sorry, but I cry for the baby’s who are defenseless in this situation.  There are just too many other options, other than killing your baby.

Now this is a blog that really bother’s me.  I’m sure people will call me a hater.  I’m not really, I’m just a mom who respects life.  If you don’t believe it is evil and the devil is behind this, well then I feel sorry for you because do you really think the devil sits down there all by himself.

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