What’s in a name…

So I walk everyday and I come up with random topics for my blog.  The other day when I was on my morning walk, I started thinking about all of the nickname’s my husband has come up with for the family.  Seriously, he has a nickname for everyone and not just the family.  He just gives out these random nicknames.  I don’t know where he comes up with them, but they are cute and everyone knows their given nickname.

Let’s start out with my nickname.  It’s kind of goofy, but whatever so here goes.  He gave this one to me when we were first dating.  Are you ready, “Pilgrim !!”  That’s right, “Pilgrim.”  He was a huge, huge John Wayne fan.   Back in the day when there were like only 4 channels on TV (I know, we are dinosaurs) no cable, our friday nights were spent watching old John Wayne movies.  One night he just started calling me, “Pilgrim” and it stuck.  He still calls me that sometimes, usually when I am mad at him and he wants to make me smile.

Then later on after we got married and started a family I got a new one.  This one is slightly offensive to some, but I’m just not that sensitive to things that are really not that big of a deal.  So with that being said, he gave me a new one when I was homemaker/stay-at-home mom.  My new nickname was, “The Little Woman.”  Then it went from being, “The Little Woman” to, “The L Dub,”  Dub standing for the letter W 😉  So now I am just the, “LDub…”

Me/I like this picture <3
Me/I like this picture ❤

Then we have our oldest son who is a Junior, Michael Jr.  He gave him his nickname which is Mikey Finn.  It’s sort of like his full name, but I don’t want to put that out there.  Another one of Michael Jr.’s nickname was the “Little Fidget.”  He got that one because he could not sit still, was alway moving around like he had ant’s in his pant so he was now known as the Little Fidget.

Next was our daughter Elizabeth.  I remember someone saying to me when she was a baby and I told them that her name was Elizabeth they said, “Oh no, make sure you always call her E L I Z A B E T H.  Don’t call her Liz.”  Nothing wrong with calling her Liz, I have a sister named Liz.  My dad calls her Beth.  Sorry getting off track 😉  Back to my story…  She  got one when she was just a baby.  Her nickname was Lizaboo.  It was cute and we would just call her that at home.  Then when I was in the hospital having our 4th (Matthew) and he brought the kids to visit me she started singing in the elevator, Sing a bell, Sing a bell so another nickname was born.  My husband thought it was so sweet, he just started calling her Singabell.   She had our first granddaughter, Gabriella.  Her nickname is Goobie.

Next was our 4th son Matthew.  His nickname is Bub.  I think he got that because I had an uncle who was called, “Uncle Bub.”  His real name was Ellsworth, but everyone just called him Bub or for us kids we called him Uncle Bub.  He kind of reminded me of the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz because he was a farmer.  Getting back on the subject, Matthew is now referred to as, “The Bub,” or just “Bub.”

Matthew/Bub getting coffee @D.Randall Blthye’s book signing, “Dark Days.” July, 2015 ❤

Finally the last, our youngest Connor.  He gets called a lot of different names.  from Keener to The Con Man and one of my favorites and what I usually call him is, Connie.   Other people out in his world call him Connie too, but I really gave him that name. I think that is a good nickname for him.  His father gave him one too, which he still uses, “Diddy.”  He played, “Donkey Kong,” on N64 a lot so his nickname, “Diddy,” was born.

Connie/Joffrey Ballet’s Headshot ❤

So those are all of the nickname’s in my family.  Now that everyone is older, we only use these names when we are alone together as a family.  Every now and then we’ll slip up and call Matthew/Bub or Connor/Connie and it’s a little horrifying for them when we do, but we just give them a wink 😉 and a smile and move on.  It’ll bring back some really good times we had as a family ❤

What are some of the nicknames out there?  I know we all have them, so give it up for the Nickname’s 🙂  Have a great day blogger’s, Love ya…

One Comment on “What’s in a name…

  1. Well I forgot one nickname on Matthew/Bub…He was/is also Cowboy Bub. The husband reminded me of my error. Sorry Matthew, Cowboy Bub ❤

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