Saturday Morning at the Farmer’s Market

I have been waiting all year for this time of year !!!  It’s finally here.  I know the farmer’s market has been open since like Memorial Day, but it is only now that the veggies are good and ripe.  I saw all of my favorite friends that I have made over the years.  Interesting we don’t know each other’s name, but we know each other’s face.  I know that because when I walk up to their booth, I am always greeted with the same warm smile I get every year.  “How are the tomatoes, are they good yet ??”  I ask my farmer lady from Iowa.  She responds, “I don’t know, I haven’t any left by the time I get home.  I’m pretty sure they are though !!”  So I grab like 2lbs. of them b/c I know hers are the best <3.  I always pick up some zucchini from her too.  The husband got into a debate w/my Iowa farm lady about the sweet corn.  I quickly dragged him away but not before buying a dozen of her sweet corn.  Five dollars a dozen, really !!!  That is a sweet deal.

Then over to my popcorn guy.  Out of this world kettle corn.  That’s all he sells.  A medium bag and a large bag.  I go for the large bag, $7, more value and it will last me til next Saturday.  One more stop at the Apple Cider Donut man.  He and his brother are going to be opening stores someday.  He’s waiting for his brother to retire and the old guy out in Iowa to die, because evidently the old guy out in Iowa has a stranglehold on the market.  These are just the little stories I pick up along the way 😉

So I got all of those really yummy veggies home and can’t wait to get them all washed up and ready for cooking.  I think we will bbq out tonight and have some corn on the cob.  After that the husband got a haircut.  So getting ready to relax the rest of the weekend.  I hope I can get another blog up about our road trip.  Enjoy you weekend fellow blogger’s.  Love ya, ❤

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