There’s No Place Like Home

Road Trip is over and I/we had a wonderful time !!!  I think the title of this post says it all.  Vacations are the best once you get on the road (it’s a lot of work getting on the road) and I love all of the adventures (screw ups) that happen along the way.  But I think the best thing about vacations are coming home.  I love my home.  I love seeing my dogs, sleeping in my own bed and making my own coffee.  I make the best coffee !!!

Unpacking is fun.  I get to see all of the little trinkets I picked up along the way on my journey.  I get to actually wear all of the new clothes I bought for vacation.  I get to do laundry and get my closet all cleaned up.  I once again get to realize I have way too many, I mean W A Y too many pairs of shoes, but who cares 😉  I get to arrange all of the products I use (lotions & potions) and my new make-up.  Seriously I need an intervention when it comes to my lotions & potions.  They really should take the word,  “Brightner” off the label.  When I see that word, I just have to buy it !!!  And now I have something new in my window that I so missed on vacation, Aromatherapy.  I ran out of my Four Thieves like half way through the vacation and yes panic set in.

We had our major incident (screw up) after the vacation was over on the trek home.  It was the the first day of a 2-day road trip.  You always want to do the long drive day on the 1st day because the 2nd day you just really want to get home.  Well the road trip was from the east cost to the midwest.  It was actually about 900 miles so you want to go at least 500 miles on the first day.  Well me and the husband usually fly by the seat of our pants on road trips because that’s just easier than making reservations at hotels and giving out your card number and cancellations, blah, blah, blah… You get what I mean, so we just stay at Holiday Inn Express’s along the way.  Thye are close to the expressway and usually if we are lucky there is a Starbucks there too because the coffee at the Holiday Inn is just colored water.

All was going well.  We left about 11am.  The weather was good though the mountains and the traffic was light.  It always is.  Well about 5pm we stopped in West Virginia to eat and get some gas.  West Virginia is a beautiful state but like my husband said, “”If I was born and raised here I would be figuring out a way of how to get out of here as soon as I could !!”  There is nothing but trees and mountains.  Well we got back on the road about 6pm.  He said we should push through to get to the other side of Cincinnati and stop there for the night.  Sounded good to me.  It would be about 10pm and that would make for a good day of driving.

The weather ahead looked a bit ominous and we were still in the mountains going into Kentucky.  You are only in Kentucky for a short time and then it’s Ohio.  Well we went through a thunderstorm.  I don’t understand why when the weather goes south people just forget how to drive.  Cars were flying everywhere.  Really people, slow the hell down if you can’t control your vehicle.  It’s bad enough dealing with Mother Nature raging, but you hydro-planeing in front of me when I’m going 60mph, well let’s just say it can make for a bad day for one of us and I’m sorry for you ending up in the ditch.  I guess the next time you’ll be more careful 😉

Thankfully the storm was brief, but you couldn’t tell if more were coming because there was lightning all around us and it was a bit unsettling.  When you go through Kentucky, the road goes down to a 2 lane highway which isn’t the best. You have to be on the lookout for stupid drivers, deer and falling rock, oh my !!  The sun was setting but we were making good time.  The weather was cooperating too.  We were tired after driving all day but we had Cincinnati is sight.  We were going around the city and once we got past Cinncinati, we would stop for the evening.  It was about 10pm.  Well we stopped at the first Holiday Inn Express we saw.  It seemed familiar and it was as we had stayed at the same one on a previous road trip.

I went in looking for a room just for the night.  The hotel clerk looked at me and said, “We are full up for the night.”  That was disappointing as I was so looking forward to stopping for the night but we’ll just go up to the next one because there are literally Holiday Inn Express’s at nearly every exit.  So back in the car and onto the next one.  Like I said there was one at the next exit.  We pulled into that one and it didn’t look good either.  There was no parking available and people were pouring out of the hotel.   I went in to get a room and again the clerk said, “We are full up 😦 ”  Back to the car with my tired husband sitting behind the wheel, “Sorry, they are full up too,” I said.  But he is just a great guy and a great driver and he just said, “Well we will just have to journey on.”  I think we need a song here.

We had come about 60 miles west of Cincinnati and we really did not want to go back. We will just push on and keep going till we find something. But it was Saturday night and it really didn’t look good at all. I called our son Matthew to see if he could find something on-line and all he was able to find was one up toward Indianapolis which was about another hour away. Then we were getting in close to the casino and that probably was going to be full up too. We called and it was. Now panic was setting in. My poor husband was so tired and it was getting close to midnight. It was very dark and there were deer. I don’t know if you ever hit a deer, but he has and it really screws up your car.

I called the Holiday Inn Express reservation line and I found one. The only problem was it was north of Indianapolis. That would mean we would have to drive another 2 hours, really!!! Well I was in full on panic mode. My poor husband was so tired and I saw a deer which really creeped me out. He was his usual calm self with no complaining. Just doing what he has to do to get it done. This is why I love the man so much ❤ So on we go. It’s now about 12:30am.

Well we are so tired and I just want to get to the hotel and go to sleep. We got off at every exit looking for vacancy and each time it was the same thing, “NO VACANCY.”  Michael said, “We should just power through this and go to the one that we booked. It’s going to take that much longer to get to that one if we keep stopping and getting off.” He was right and he told me not to worry, that he would get us there. He said, “Remember, I was a limo driver !! This is not a problem for me.” But I knew how tired he was.

Well we pulled into the Holiday Inn Express just 20 miles north of Indianapolis. I walk in and the clerk says we are full up. WTF, I’m so glad I wrote down my confirmation number. Sorry but that is how I felt. She looked up the reservation and she said, “You have to go back, about 20 miles toward Indianapolis. Your are at the wrong one.” Thank God for GPS and iPhones. I went out to break it to Michael that we are at the wrong one and we have to go back. Of course he took it like a man and said, “Get in, let’s go back 😦 ” So we go back 20 miles and yes we finally at 2am get to our Holiday Inn Express. Thank you, Jesus and Michael, because you did the 14 hours of driving and getting us there safely.

Well that was one of our big adventures on our road trip. There were other’s, but I’ll leave that for another post. I’ll leave you with the family picture I got with the lead vocalist of, “Lamb of God.” Like I said, there were other adventure’s. Have a great day fellow bloggers ❤

Family w/D.Randall Blythe Lead Vocalist w/Lamb of God
Family w/D.Randall Blythe
Lead Vocalist w/Lamb of God

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