Road Trip

What can I say, we are having a fabulous time on vacation.  The weather could be better but I’m not complaining, not at all.  Hanging out at the beach is like my favorite thing to do.  No let me correct that.  Hanging out at the beach with my guys is my favorite thing to do.  It’s like a whole other world out here.  There is home, which I love don’t get me wrong.  But at home there is laundry, the phone is always ringing, bills need to be paid, meals need cooking which also means groceries have to be bought and last but not least I’m usually picking someone up at the train or dropping someone off.  So being out here at the beach just hanging with my guys is a piece of pure heaven !!!  I could stay here forever and ever ❤

My Guys on top of the world <3
My Guys on top of the world ❤
These are the cool jets that the navy pilot’s fly out everyday !!! Keeping America safe & strong
Connor ❤
What I’m looking at when I go out on the balcony ❤ Very nice !!!
Nighttime at Virginia Beach B O O M !!!!
Hanging on the beach ❤
Hanging on the beach w/Connor
Storms are coming !!
The view from our room ❤
I liked the pattern from up here on our balcony. Pretty ❤
Another view from the balcony ❤
And another 🙂
Another …
I got a new camera so yes I’m playing around, but isn’t it pretty ❤
I’d love a garden like that at home !!!
A cool red boat on the ocean …
I’m tired ❤
The guys @ PFChang’s in Virginia Beach ❤
Okay one more of the entire boardwalk view from my balcony looking down ❤
Yesterday we went to the Outerbanks, NC OBX !!! Beautiful pier, Matthew went fishing ❤

So that’s all for now.  I had some quiet time.  Matthew went out to get a boogie board, OMG so he’s probably  being washed out to the middle of the ocean and Michael & Connor went to rent bicycles to ride up and down the boardwalk.  Me, I’m sitting in here blogging with you.  But that’s okay b/c everyone is doing what they want too ❤

Have a great day. Talk to you soon..

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