Day 4/Blogging 101 Your Audience

Dear Family,

So when I say dear family, are you one of those people who are in my family ??  Today is a post about who is your audience.  Well my most important audience would be my family because that is the number one thing in my life.  Well actually number 2.  God is number 1, my family is number 2 and I am third.  That is exactly how it has always been.

I am a mom to 4 adult children.  I  know for most of my blog you have only been introduced to really 2 of my kids.  That is because 2 left.  I did my job and I am an awesome mom.  I raised all of them with everything they needed.  I gave them God/religion, education, a loving 2 parent home with a stay at home mom, me and a dad.  We have a great family, they just decided they do not want to be a part of it.  Now yes there is more to it than that, but I really don’t want to go over all of that drama again.

I know they blame me for everything that has transpired.  They say that they couldn’t be honest because I would just not accept the truth.  Now this is true, because that’s not the way they were raised.  So it is really upside or backwards blaming me for them lying.  We couldn’t accept certain aspects of the life they chose so for our own beliefs and what we stand for we had to move on.

I will always love all my children.   A mother can never hate her kids, and I don’t.  But there does come a time when you say enough is enough.  I will not be used and move one.  I can live with that.  It is not easy, but doing what is right never is.  That is why I am pretty sure that how we have dealt with all of the drama that our children have brought into our lives, we have made the right choices.  Doing what is right is usually never easy or popular and a lot of the time it hurts like hell.

Then the morning light comes shining through and it’s a brand new day.  When I look in the mirror, I see a great lady who stands for something.  Even though it has been hard, I have made it through because Jesus stands next to me w/ His Angel’s helping me to answer the bell for the day.  I say, “Thank you for the gift of today.”  Then the end of the day comes when I lay my head down and talk to God he just says, “Good work for today, get some rest ❤ I’ll be here tomorrow when you wake up.”

I am thankful for so many things that when the bad things happen I just go into my bank of gratitude and make a withdrawal.  I have been blessed with good health, a husband who loves me and his family, and some great kids.  I am pretty sure the 2 that left still love me and miss their family.  But it’s about the choices that they made and we get to make ours.  We are still here.  We never left they did.

Our table has been set by God and we will all be seated together again someday at that table.  Until that time family, until that time ❤

The happiest day of my life <3  And it still is
The happiest day of my life ❤ And it still is

iPhoto Library
My Family/Connor, Michael Jr. Matthew, Dad (Michael Sr.), Me, Lizzie and our sweet little Gabriella ❤

Matthew, Lizzie, Connor, Dad, Mom & Gabriella <3
Matthew, Lizzie, Connor, Dad, Mom & Gabriella ❤

Connor, Dad, Me (Don't I look beautiful ;) ) & Mattew
Connor, Dad, Me (Don’t I look beautiful 😉 ) & Mattew
And so that is the evolution of our family in pictures.  I love you all ❤ and will til the day that I die…

7 Comments on “Day 4/Blogging 101 Your Audience

  1. I do know the heartache when there is a separation from our children. We were estranged from our daughter for almost two years. For one of those years she would occasionally have contact but it always turned out to be negative and so she pulled completely away for about a year. Over this past year we are once again in communication, and she did come for a celebration recently… from Chicago area that they live. We are in Canada…. The relationship is still not like it once was, but I’m trusting God to complete it … It seems as though for you, there is at this point nothing to do.. and you’re okay and strong with how it had to be… not your decision but theirs’…. All I could do for that very stressful time was pray. I hope that you too one day will be complete as a family once again… Diane

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