In the Summertime

Summer is going by so fast, but it always does.  It has been a pretty typical summer so far.  I would have to say  the highligt of the summer so far would be our Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, ” B O O M ”  I got to watch the winning game with my guys, well at least half of my guys.

me & Connor @dinner before the final game !!!  Red Lobster <3
Me & Connor @dinner before the final game !!! Red Lobster
Dad & Connor
Dad & Connor waiting to get into watch the final game of the Stanley Cup.  We watched it at the movie theatre, oh and in case you didn’t know, the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and Lord Stanley has been returned to his rightful home in Chicago ❤

The next highlight was seeing the Stanley Cup in person at the Cell (Chicago White Sox Ballpark) on Father’s Day.  I guess you might say we are big Chicago Sports Team fans.   We all have our fav and mine is Hockey.  I think Connor’s is too.  Matthew and Michael would probably be baseball but it’s hard to tell.  We were all pretty much into hockey this year.  We went to the Winter Classic in Washington D. C., the Capitals vs. the Blackhawks.  We lost, but the Capitals still have not won a Stanley Cup.  Bahabahabahabaha, I’m sorry I just couldn’t resist.  I really hate their fans.  They hit us in the head, idk why but they were so rude.  But did I mention, they still don’t have a Cup 😉

My next highlight was when the boys came home and we were able to get a family picture.  They turned out really good, well judge for yourself !!!


The Crazies, my Family
The Crazies, my Family ❤

Then we went to Summerfest in Milwaukee and I saw one of our favorite bands, The Ides of March.  Jim Peterik, the lead singer, came out after the concert and well we kind of know him and I got a picture with him.  He called me his Jazz Lady 😉 which made me feel pretty good.

Patti & Jim Peterik/The Ides of March
Patti & Jim Peterik/The Ides of March

Now we are getting ready to go on vaca and see another rocker/Randy Blythe lead singer of “Lamb of God.”  He is on his  book tour and I am so excited to get his book.  I’m sure I’ll get some really cool pictures.

So I guess we have had a pretty eventful summer so far.  The weather could be better, but where I’m going the weather will be good.  Thank God ❤  Sometimes it feels like vacations are more work than play, but once you get packed and get the traveling part done, it’s fun.  I’m going to try to keep up with my blog while I’m on vaca.  Happy Blogging and Happy Summer, fellow blogger’s ❤

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