Day 2/Title & Tagline

Scarlett79 is my title and my tagline is, “With God as my Witness !!”  Well for all you older ladies & gentlemen blogger’s I’m sure you know who Scarlett is.  That would be Scarlett O’Hara from my fav, fav movie, “Gone With the Wind.”  It’s a long movie and an even longer book, but I fell in love with movie the first time I saw it.

She was a strong woman.  Her home and family meant everything to her.  She would do anything she had to do to survive.  She didn’t care what the world thought of her, she lived her life with God as her witness.   She loved passionately  and never, never gave up because after all tomorrow was another day 😉  She was beautiful, had grace and was a strong, strong woman.

Now I know she was just a fictional character but I so admired her.  My life has been challenging to say the least and I have had many long roads to walk and some of them alone.  I just think about her and I pull my strength from God, my home and family.  I will never, never quit or give up.  I will always just keep walking.  One foot in front of the other, step by step.

There is a lot of back story to who I really am.  Someday I will tell all of my stories but for now let’s just say my life has been one heck of an adventure/journey/extremely challenging.  But I really thank God every day for all of my life.  I have learned so much and grown so much from all of the experiences I have had.  It is also by His grace that I am not bitter about how any of this has turned out because it has all turned out best for me.

I was in a car accident, serious traumatic brain injury/coma for about a month when I was 21 years old.  I had only been married a year and thought I was on top of the world.  I was a young married, working in a big city.  Life was really good.  I had a gorgeous new husband starting out carving a new career in the city.  Plenty of money and we were just both a couple of kids building a life together and then one Saturday morning B A M/ B U S.  When I say  B U S, that means I got hit by one.  Not literally, but figuratively !!!  After waking up in March, the accident happened in February.  February 7th to be exact.  The first day I remembered was March 21st, OMG!!!  I couldn’t see, my left side was paralyzed and I went from 120 lbs. to 60 lbs.  When your mom & dad told you, you don’t know how fast life can change.  Well I do now.  All I could think about was I was that somebody else.  You know that person we all say that happens to somebody else, not me.  Well yes, I was that somebody else.

After about 6 months of intensive re-hab, I was pretty much back to my old self.  A lot more wiser.  I now know how precious your life is.  I know how quickly it can all change by that B U S !!!  I was also given the gift of finding out just what I am made of.  I am strong, and I don’t quit.  Life can be cruel, unfair, and quite frankly it can just really suck but you just have to put one foot in front of the other.  I didn’t do it alone either.  I had my guy, the husband pushing me.  And so our love grew a little, no a lot.  Because he saw the whole accident as he was in the car in back of me and he had been in an accident the night before.  How weird is that.  But it was truly a blessing.  I learned first hand how life is a fragile/magic.

So yes my alter ego came out to help me get through it all, Scarlet79.  79′ was the year I was married ❤  Thank you Michael for getting us through that very tough time.  I guess that was what better or worse meant.   But he was  a champ. Not only that God protected me.  I didn’t have to watch me get through it, I got to sleep through most of it and when I woke up it was spring.  So I really to thank God for His grace and His blessings ❤

So for this blog, that is my story.  What’s yours ❤

6 Comments on “Day 2/Title & Tagline

  1. GWTW is my favorite movie/book of all time. I’m seriously obsessed and have been since I was a little girl! Do you ever take the online GWTW quizzes? I ace them all! Ha! I love the character of Scarlett. Love her. Best female protagonist ever!

    That is insane about your accident. You were so young. Praise the Lord you made it! I had a bad accident when I was 9. Not as bad as yours but pretty scary. Unconscious. Long hospital stay. Surgery. Bones and blood. Ugh.

    I’ll think about that tomorrow 🙂

    • So happy to share your love of that movie too !!! I go see it every chance I get when they show it on the big screen. Nothing better than seeing Rhett Butler on the big screen. Magic Mike can’t touch Rhett, or the movie, lol 😉
      Yes the car accident really was a blessing in disguise. My poor kids weren’t allowed to get their driver’s license until they were 18 !!! I worry so much when they drive w/all that cell phone crap that goes on. I just hope the Angel’s watch over them. Thanks for sharing, Love ya, Scarlett ❤

    • I would love to take online quiz’s. I’m sure I would ace them too. Did you like the book ??? I loved it too. That was one where I think they were both great ❤ but I'm pretty biased. That was just a great story read and movie !!!

      • Here’s a good question. I got it right the first time but had to think a while…. In the movie…. What is the one dress Scarlett wears in both the first and second acts? (Not counting her various mourning dresses.)

      • Oh…. And I love the book. I have the 25th Anniversary Edition and it’s falling apart because I’ve read it so many times. My dream gift from a man has always been an autographed First Edition. No one has been able to pull that off yet!!

      • That would be really cool ❤ OMG I have moved so much, I know I still have mine but I really couldn't put my hands on it 😦

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