Blogging 101/Who I am, and why I Blog – Day 1

Well I am a 50 something wife, homemaker & mom…  I love what I do, making a home having a family.  I had 5 children.  They are all grown now except for 1 who is in heaven, 4 boys and 1 girl.  Life has changed for me now and I really am trying to re-invent myself.  I have always loved to write, journal.  One of my favorite books is The Diary of Anne Frank and I also love, love, love Laura Ingalls Wilder and her stories of life on the prairie.

I just want to write, journal and see where it takes me.  Life can be such a drama and writing brings me to my happy place.  I have so many stories to tell, some real others are my own stories.

I love Hockey, well the Chicago Blackhawks (who just won the Stanley Cup) for anyone who doesn’t know.  My guys have got me into sports of any kind, but Hockey is definitely my favorite !!!

I love you Michael <3
I love you Michael ❤
Me & my Guy <3
Me & my Guy ❤

I am married to the most wonderful husband, father, man in the entire world.  He is just the best and I love him.  We have been together for 39 years, 36 of them married.  Our anniversary is in August ❤  We have been through everything together and are love is still growing strong !!!   Looking forward to another 39 😉

I love reading about fellow bloggers stories and their lives.  I love being part of the blogging community.  I really want to get better and make an awesome looking blog so that is why I am here.  Would love to hear all of your comments 😉

Happy Blogging ❤

2 Comments on “Blogging 101/Who I am, and why I Blog – Day 1

  1. Love reading your blog! I’m a big Laura Ingalls Wilder fan as well!

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