Movie Night

So I’m not really sure what to write about today but I just want to post something.  I woke up this morning feeling like I was getting sick, OMG I hope not with the holiday weekend coming up.  It could be just allergies and OMG I really hope that is what it is.  I am sore all over but I did dance yesterday and George really put me through my paces.  Country 2-step is what I think did it.  Michael worked from home yesterday so he was pretty much in my way all day, but I like having him around to step over and get in the way.  We had an early dinner, our 1 meal of the day like around 2 and I danced so then the day was pretty much done by 5 pm.   Around 7 or so he said, “Let’s go to dinner and the movies.”  I was pretty much done with everything  laundry, dishes and bills so that sounded fun to me.  We went to Disney’s, “Inside Out.”

The movie made us laugh and it was fun going on a date night in the middle of the week.  We are both re-inventing ourselves as a couple too.  People use to say, “You better keep your love alive or when we don’t have the kid’s around anymore we won’t know what to do, bahabahabahabaha.”  I guess that could’ve happened to us and maybe does to some but me and Michael really know how to roll ❤  We have been blessed and we both know how good we have it.  In a month or so, we will be celebrating 36 years of marriage.  We are best friends who hold hands.  He still steals a kiss every once and a while and when he looks at me I still see a sparkle in his eye.   When I look at him, I see that young 20 year old I saw in my kitchen and fell madly in love with.  Because, yes it was love at first site and I wasn’t going to let him get away !!!  Like I said before, we are blessed ❤  True love

Well it is probably going to be a quiet 4th of July.  Both of the guys went back to Richmond so it’s going to be just me and the husband.  I have to admit though, I am really kind of liking this.  I get to do what I want to do, when I want to do it.  I don’t have to do anything if I don’t want to and I kind of like not doing anything.  We do have plans for the weekend but some of those plans include just getting under a comfy blanket and watching movies.

I also want to thank God for living in America.  This really is the greatest place in the world to live.  I always say, “If you are lucky enough to live in America, then you are lucky enough!!!”  It’s not perfect here, but then no where is.  It really is a great place to live.

Well today it’s running some errands and getting ready for the weekend (doing nothing) and vacation.  I think I’ll bake a cake and BBQ.  Maybe I’ll make some potato salad, I make a to die for homemade potato salad 🙂  The laundry is done, have to get to ground zero for the house today.  Oh and I am really into aroma therapy and essential oils.  I will definitely put some, “Four Thieves,” on my feet today and use it in my air atomizer.   I just like how it smells too ❤  Have great 4th of July fellow blogger’s.

G O D   B L E S S   A M E R I C A

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