Happy Monday, Happy Father’s Day

My guys are home, B O O M …   The Chicago Blackhawk’s have won the  Stanley Cup  11188394_10153539410329258_6305290524752206894_n


Matthew was roaming the stadium taking pictures so I didn’t get one with him in it, boo hiss 😦   I figured that was okay because I did all those blogs on China with him in it!!!  Did you see the two girls in back laughing, whatever.  Yes you got in my selfie.  I can’t take all this technology…

We all got new Chicago White Sox T Shirts.  I actually found one in my size so I got one too.  Michael had a really good Father’s Day

So much to do this week.  Yes the house has exploded.  It always does when the guys come home.  I have an eye appt. this week, and we are going to get a family pic done with the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Sweater. We have to do a family picture with the Stanley Cup  Sweater.  This was our year and we were all a part of it.  We went to the Winter Classic for Christmas and all of the  playoff games we went too.  Even Matthew agrees but it will be hectic.  It always is when we get family pictures done 🙂  But it will be good and I’m looking forward to it ❤

Well I will put up more detailed blogs about all of this later.  Have a great week ❤

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