Lord Stanley is on the move

Well that is all I’m going to say about that. I will post tomorrow about the outcome !!!! For today I am going to write about my great weekend that I had.

I just really like this song. It’s a good one for Monday morning and it’s time to get my day going. So I sing, and I sing loud. Makes me 🙂 and feel good.

Connor is home and we watched the series together. Saturday I was suppose to go dance but things just didn’t work out. The dress was all wrong. I made a cardinal mistake. I didn’t try the dress on before Saturday (the day of the dance). I ordered it online and when it came I just figured it would be fine, N O T !!! And it was too late to go out and get something for the Team Match. It was a Red dance. Everyone was wearing some crazy red outfits and I didn’t have anything. So I got really upset and I got a really terrible headache. I just said, “This is not going to happen 😦 ”

So my really great husband took me and Connor out to dinner (early one) to PFChang’s. Then we went and got a new deck set !!!



My little Elsa is not doing to well so I am going to the vet today. I hope that the worst is not coming, but she is getting up there in years. She is just the sweetest little old lady.

Bella & Mis Elsa
Bella & Mis Elsa

Bella & Miss Elsa
Bella & Miss Elsa
Just a regular Monday, ground zero, get a balance, and do some laundry. I have to clean out/up the refrigerator today. Did grocery shopping yesterday and menu plan. This week I also have to get the front bedroom cleaned b/c Matthew is coming home and Connor is not giving up his bed !!! I said, “Not my problem, you guys will have to work it out 🙂 ” But I did tell Connor I wouldn’t give up that bed either. It is a very nice sleep, complete with a mattress topper & down comforter :). Michael has turned the front bedroom into his art studio. It is really very cool, but I’m not allowed in there.

I’m going to post some pics of me and our Miss Bella. She hates when we watch hockey so she will be glad we are not at home watching the game. IMG_2377

She is very worried in this picture. She finally settled down after they didn’t score for awhile. Like I said before, it will be better to watch the game somewhere else.

Tonight it is dinner out and we are going somewhere really cool to watch the game. So everyone, this is it. I am so happy we made it this far. It has been just the coolest year. I am going to re-cap all of it tomorrow. So for now, well you know what for now. Have a great day and well you know what. It’s about the MoJo, no jinxing it ❤

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