We got this !!!

I’m feeling pretty good about this…OMG Hawks win game #5 2/1…B O O M

I’m sure the Tampa Bay Lightning is, “Thunderstruck !!”

4 Comments on “We got this !!!

  1. Good morning! I have to admit that I’m not an ice hockey fan — no reason, just not into sports — but, …. I may have to become a fan because the Phila. Flyers player, Dave Schultz, just moved into the house across the street with his wife and three little kids. They’re spending the summer in Saskatchewan so I won’t get to know them much now, but …. anyway, the funny thing is that they have two nets set up (!) one in the front yard and one in the driveway, and their 4 and 7 year-olds are practicing, plus playing on a big trampoline in the back yard. (The two years old hasn’t started yet.) He and his kids and their little dog even practice in the street! It’s really funny.

    • Very cool !!! Well having had 5 guys in the house (including the husband & 4 sons) it was survival mode for me. It’s not just hockey it is every sport. I can remember when my youngest was in 2nd grade and it was in between sports, basesball hadn’t started and basketball and hockey were over him walking around the house and saying, “Isn’t there a ball game on or something ?” Nobody played sports but they are athletes. Professional dancer’s (Ballet). They live every sport, they know every player, they know every statistic on whatever game, Connor’s fav is hockey and Matthew’s is probably baseball but ❤ hockey too. Me, definitely hockey but I enjoy all of them and we go to every sporting event. Well that is just the coolest guy ever to have for a neighbor. I don't know but I think those hockey guys are really nice. Yes you will have to become a Flyer's fan. ❤

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