Stanley Cup – Game #5

Well I took a vote this morning on the song I should have for this post Game #5. It was between this one and Thunderstruck, Stranglehold (Uncle Ted), and the Hockey Song/Warren Zevon and this was the winner. I know I already posted this song but this is just fits the MoJo for tonight’s game #5, and we know it’s all about the MoJo. A little story about MoJo. My other son Matthew was watching game #4 out in Richmond and he had his sweater draped over the tv stand during the game. During one of the intermissions he posted on FB and said, “I’m going to have to put on my sweater to keep the MoJo going.” Well I saw that I and just said, “Really will everyone P L E A S E get their sweater’s on !!! Why weren’t they on 🙂 ”

Okay everyone this is a H U G E, did I say H U G E game tonight. Well it is and I will be watching it with my guys !!! This is really very exciting and what will I do when it is over. I am so happy to have Connor home to watch the Stanley Cup with us. Although he can get kind of irritating, along with his father. They don’t think the Lightning should ever score and if they do the Hawk’s aren’t playing there best game. Whatever guys, I really think that the Lightning wants the Cup too !!! Of course then there is our Bella (the dog), she absolutely hates when the game is on. She will usually sneak away into our bedroom as if to say, “I don’t want any of this madness. Please turn it off!!!” I’ll get a picture of her worried face tonight and try to post it. I love her she is just the sweetest dog ❤


I can’t believe how fast summer is going by. We are also going to figure out where to decompress for awhile this summer. Might be a beach vaca or Vegas or maybe we will just keep it simple and go local. Michael started a new job this year and he is busy getting his sales book up and running. Vacations can turn into a lot of work and stress sometimes and they just aren’t worth it. But I’m sure we will do something. He always spoils me and shows me a really good time ❤

Well there are a few other things I have in the pipeline for after the Stanley Cup. Michael has been bugging me to get to a baseball game so we will be at some of those. It is a lot of fun to go out there and watch baseball. "You can't beat fun at out the ol' ballpark !!" You really can't, the weather, the food, the fireworks !!! It really is summer. Did I tell you that was our first date. Way back when the Milwaukee Brewer's were in the American League. Connor bought everyone tickets to a game and we will be there. That is his Father's Day present. Matthew will be home too and it's his birthday. The year I had him it was Father's Day. It was a perfect gift, a son for Father's Day. So June we celebrate Father's Day to my great husband who is an even better father and Matthew's birthday. Then of course there is The Fourth of July. The summer really does go by so fast.

So anyway I really can't think of anything else but that game. I hope they win otherwise it will be very stressful to watch the rest of the series… But I guess that is why it's The Cup. The greatest trophy in sports, the coveted Stanley Cup…

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