I am a Homemaker, I am the Queen

And I love it ā¤ I have the best job in the world. I have always felt that way. I have never felt like I was stuck inside a house with the world was passing me by. Let it pass me by, sometimes I don't even want to look at what is out there. Reality, that's what is out there, and most of the time it is not very pretty.

I love a clean house, how it looks, how it smells. I'd rather have housecleaner's do the heavy lifting but there is something to be said about cleaning it yourself. It is sort of a bonding experience. Okay, I can hear all of you ladies out there moaning and groaning, but I think it is true.

Now I'll admit I am a little coo coo about a clean house, and we can't forget about the rules of cleaning a house, and after the house is clean. You know like rule #1. No walking on a freshly vacuumed carpet. It looks so pretty, all of it with fresh vacuum rows, no foot prints or crummy things. How many of you cringe after having vacuumed a room with carpeting and some kid comes in and walks on it !!! I usually yell something like, "Don't you know, no one lives here, or what if the Queen comes over!!! Now I have to vacuum it all over again, will you please go in the kitchen or better yet outside !!!" "But mom," my sweet one says, "It's snowing and is freezing outside." So I return back to reality and realize that the Queen does not live here, she has never lived here and she is not coming over for tea anytime soon. So my sweet one I say, "You may now go and play in your room…Don't worry about the carpeting." Then he gives me that strange look, the look like you have lost your mind or who are you and what did you do with my real mom šŸ™‚ I go onto say,"Just because you can go in your room and walk on the carpeting, doesn't mean you can use the powder room EVER. That is still the Queen's Bathroom šŸ™‚ " The sweet one smiles and realizes it's me.

Another rule we have or I guess I have is the rule that once all the small garbage baskets are emptied (ground zero), and cleaned/refreshed with new liners, and one slipped over the side for the next time I clean, are not to be used by anyone living in the house (except me) or before 3:30 pm. If you have to throw something out you throw it away in the main garbage basket, i.e. the one in the kitchen or better yet outside in the garbage can šŸ™‚ Sounds like a good rule and it makes sense to me.

Then there are the triangles on the tissue paper that I fold over ever so neatly in the bathroom's. I will know if someone has used the Queen's Bathroom if there is no neatly folded triangle on the TP or the box of kleenex has been used b/c there is no longer a kleenex with an accordion ruffle on the 1st one sticking out. One of my good friends came over one afternoon. She excused herself b/c she had to go to the bathroom. Well of course company is always welcome in the Queens Bathroom. That's why it is the Queens Bathroom. When she went to use the TP, she saw the triangle and started to panic. What do I use now, because of course she new what the triangle meant. So she did what any normal homemaker would do and looked around for the spare roll of TP and used that one, leaving the triangle intact. This is why we are such close friend's. Great minds think alike šŸ™‚

Yes the husband thinks I'm a total wack job, lol. He really hates the triangle thing on the TP. Then I started using my sticker's to hold it down and make it look cute. You know like a Christmas Tree sticker during those holidays, a pumpkin around halloween, blah, blah blah.. I told him it's for the Queen when she comes. Of course he replied, "Well I'm the King, and I don't want them here." Yes I suppose it was a little over the top but when you are home, homemaking you must keep it interesting and fun all at the same time. Oh you also have to put an, "Amen!" on it to know when you are done. So the triangle, the ruffle, the sticker that's my, "Amen to it!!" The home is now in perfect form ā¤

Well most people take for granted a clean and orderly house. But when people come into my house I want them to feel like they just walked into a big warm home. Now they can mess the whole thing up if they want to because that is why I do what I do, homemaking. I'm glad the Queen is not coming, I'm glad it's just you ā¤

3 Comments on “I am a Homemaker, I am the Queen

  1. I am obsessed with a clean house. It’s order. I like order. I have the same rule with the little trash cans!

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