Stanley Cup Playoff’s – 2015/Game #1



So it time to drop the puck ❤ So excited, my guys will be home and we are going to watch the finals together in Vegas. So much more fun to watch them when you are out of town. Vegas is like one of my favorite places to go, it is my happy place 🙂


We will be staying at the Venetian. Last time we went we stayed at Cesar’s Palace. The food is better at the Venetian. Both Matthew and Connor are over 21 now so they are going with us. We are going to go to some show called, “Cirque De Solei Show on Michael Jackson.” Matthew is a rabid Michael Jackson fan so he will definitely enjoy that !!! We will shop and eat. Probably play black jack in the pool. Just relax and have a great start to our summer. I will put up some pictures when we get out there. Oh and really, G O B L A C K H A W K ‘ S


Here are the highlights from Game #1. The Blackhawk’s look like they really have this ❤
Let's bring Lord Stanley Home !!!

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