Husband goes down

So today my husband had to have surgery. This is the first time in his 59 years of life he has had so much as a stitch. He thought, he thought he was going to work tomorrow but now he thinks that would not be such a good idea. I had to pacify him with we would go downtown on Sunday to get some kind of documents he needs to deliver on Monday to one of his client’s, OMG… So now once again I am Nurse Patti. I have had quite a lot of nursing experience in my life, besides that I play one on TV. No not really. I’m good at pushing fluids, not so much with changing gauze and blood and dressings. Poor thing, he did not look well after that experience, but now he will be able to heal. I’m hiding the car keys so he can’t sneak out to work until Nurse Patti says he can ❤

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