Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals – Blackhawks vs. Lightining

So the Blackhawks rolled into Tampa Bay with the first HurriKANE of the season. They wouldn’t let any of our fans buy tickets if their zipcode was not from Florida or there were no Blackhawk Sweaters allowed. Really guess it didn’t matter… B O O M They had nothing left !!! 2 late goals and K A B O O M, we got the first game. Go Hawks Lord Stanley we are coming 🙂 This has been the coolest hockey season !!! The Winter Classic, Game #6 vs. Nashville, Minnesota it was 4 and out, so we did not get there, and of course double OT in game #4 against the Anaheim Ducks. Both of the playoff games, we were on the glass. I don’t think we will make it to the finals, the same seats we had on the glass in the playoffs are now going for $7,000 and standing room only at the 300 level are going for $500. I can’t see from there, so maybe we will just have to go to Las Vegas and watch it from the sports book. Go Blackhawks !!! I’m for going to Las Vegas and watching it there ❤ Pretty sure my fantastic husband will take me ❤

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