The People’s Republic of China Tour Beijng, Dezhou, Jinan & Shanghai

Here’s some mood setting tunes to listen to while you read, enjoy ❤

Well that was a fast two weeks !!!  The tour is coming to an end.  They will be performing in Shanghai tomorrow and then heading back to the good ol US of A.  I’m sure they are all pretty glad to be coming home, but it looks like they had an amazing time.  So many things they got to see.  I can hardly wait for the stories and the pictures !!!  Our Matthew got over whatever it was that he got, thank goodness and he did get to dance.  I have some more pictures of him. 11053240_10153323660291030_2742296331127872354_o 1599354_10153355335901030_4581794685347696304_o
Dancer’s are such animated people. I love how every picture is a dance move. I would love to be able to do that, or have done that. Oh to be young, they made it look like so much fun !!!11129767_10153320912891030_7881297507106857706_o



They will be on their way home after a performance in Shanghai tomorrow. It looks like they had a great trip !!! Safe travels to Richmond Ballet ❤ Can't wait to hear all the stories !!

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