Blackhawk’s vs. Duck’s – Game #7 … B O O M

Okay you have to watch this video !!! It is so cute. It is a cockatoo (dressed up in a Blackhawk’s sweater) throwing ducks on the floor and laughing. I hope it works.

These are the highlights from game #6. It was a great game and I didn’t go to sleep until well into the morning hours. Now we are here. This is Game #7, really this is do or die. Blackhawks are playing the Ducks in Annaheim tomorrow. I don’t know if I can watch.

It has been a great year/season. We went to the Winter Classic in D.C. with our guys. We went to Game #6 against Nashville and saw them win the opening series. We missed Minnesota b/c that was 4 and out so that happened too fast. Then we went to Game #4 against the Ducks. They won in double OT and it was so much fun. Well tomorrow we will know who’s going to the Stanley Cup. I want them to go, but we have had a great hockey year and I couldn’t love my Hawk’s anymore than I do. What a great team, what a great sport.

Go Chicago Blackhawks ❤


So when I was writing this blog, Matthew face/timed me. I was talking to him and he was in Shanghai !!! This world has gotten so much smaller. Really strange talking to him while he was sitting in China. I ❤ you Matthew !!!! See you soon 🙂

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