Really 3 OT’s


OMG I can’t even tell you how tired I am. I didn’t stay up to watch the game. I stopped watching after the 1st OT b/c I new I would never go to sleep. Besides I am constantly thinking/worrying about Matthew in China and Connor out east by himself. If I had watched the game my adrenalin would be so pumped up, I would never sleep. Well I didn’t. I kept getting up to look at my phone to see if the game was over. It was 2 am before I saw that they had won. OMG Marcus Krueger is a warrior ❤ They finally won, but it was too late for me to get a good nights sleep. The husband came to bed when it was halfway through the 2nd OT. As usual he gets into bed and is asleep, snoring with in like 20 seconds !!! I can’t tell you how annoying that is when I have already been laying there for like an hour, trying to sleep and he just lays down and B O O M he’s asleep. I woke him up at like 1:30 am to tell him the Blackhawk’s had won.

That was the longest game the Blackhawks have ever played. It was almost 2 complete hockey games, OMG. Woke up with a headache and had to reschedule dentist appt. for next week.

Still waiting for some more pics from Matthew in China. I got a few more so I’ll post them. He’s using msg. over there which makes me kind of nervous. He’s using it on a server or something that I don’t think is entirely legal. He said everyone on the ballet was using it. Actually it was just the guys, b/c Connor’s girlfriend isn’t using it and she is over there too. I hope they get that they aren’t in America anymore, whatever… 🙂




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