Road to China – Beijing


Matthew is the one all the way on the right in black ❤

Well they made it to Beijing !!! So excited for our Matthew. He's in China, how cool is that. I talked to him or, "We Chatted," with him (that is the international app ?). He said the hotel they are in is gorgeous. Technology is just amazing. My son is in China, he's 12 hours ahead of our time and I am just so excited for this great group of dancer's. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be dancing in China. How cool is that.

We are having so much fun sharing this experience with him. I was a little/a lot nervous about this, but like he said to me he's got this. He sure does !!! I am so proud of him. He has grown into a wonderful young man. He is stunning as a dancer and it has been my privilege to watch him grow into this amazing performer/dancer. I remember when I took him to his 1st ballet class he said to me, "This is the worst thing you have ever made me do !!" I said, "So sue me." The rest is history.

I am blessed with a couple of wonderful young men in my life, a husband who loves me, two dogs that stay close, a nice home, and most of all my health. So many things to be grateful for I would have to start another blog. I will be posting as many pictures of his adventures in China. I hope I get some dance pics/videos but they guard those like the crown jewels, idk why ???

2 Comments on “Road to China – Beijing

  1. WOW! You must be so proud of him! Congrats to Matthew on such an honor/accomplishment.

    • We so are !!!! I still can’t believe he is in China, OMG… One year he wanted to go down to Panama (by himself, he was 19) no way. Dancer’s don’t work during the summer, so he wanted to go down there and dance for the summer. I don’t think so 🙂 Your day will come I told him when you can travel abroad. So it finally has. He’s w/his professional company, Richmond Ballet. They were invited, so it just seemed like the right time. Although I worry every minute of every day about him. He’s so far away ❤ Motherhood 🙂

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