Amazing <3
Amazing ❤

Today is a very exciting day.   Number 1 my son, Matthew Frain is flying to, “The People's Republic of China Tour/Beijing, Deshou, Jinan & Shanghai.”  We couldn't be more proud of him.  Our son is going to China to dance.  There are no words to explain just how I feel.  Excited, nervous, proud, worried… When I talked to him yesterday he sounded a little be nervous too.  I told him he has been preparing for this for his whole life.  He just didn't know it.  He has worked so hard to get to this point in his dancing career.  He is so young.  He will be 27 this June 19th.  I can't even imagine doing what he is doing.  As a mom, I too have been being prepared for this moment.  I can't tell you the how many times I have taken my dancing boys to Houston, San Francisco, New York and dropped them off for the summer to dance at a dance intensive.  Setting them up in housing, w/complete strangers in some city far away.  I remember telling Connor who was just a sophomore in high school (we were in San Francisco) that if I didn't see something the next day that screamed, “He'll be fine here for the summer,” he would be on the flight home with us !!!  Luckily we went to a Pier something and bought some really good strawberries.  We also traveled to wine country and I thought well he should be okay for 6 weeks here.  So he stayed.  My sister lived in San Diego, so I thought if anything went wrong she was close enough.   But it was never easy leaving them, so many things that could go wrong.  But I did.  So that was how I was being prepared for this.

I read all the travel stuff they gave him and I probably shouldn't have.  A lot of stuff, but he has assured me he has got this.  I think he does.  Then last night I thought how cool.  He's going to China, OMG he's going to China !!!


This is going to be an amazing trip for him. He has always wanted to travel abroad and dance. He is such a star and a great dancer. But I’ll admit I am a little be biased as he is my son ❤
But really he is. Well I'll ask my fellow bloggers to say a prayer for him as he travels to far away lands. Be safe Richmond Ballet and take care my son. Your parent's love you to the moon ❤

I will definitely post updates on his travels.

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